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Sql Server : SET ROWCOUNT limitations

Quick one today:

In our production code, there are several incidents where “SET ROWCOUNT” was implemented. Over the years, code has evolved with involvement from different developers and they might have made decisions to use this as an immediate fix for the issue at hand. 150 more words


Database Backup WITH CHECKSUM


When WITH CHECKSUM option is used while taking backup, the backup process will verify each page for checksums and torn page. In case bad page checksum found, … 142 more words

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OpenDataSouce function - to query OLEDB Data Source

OpenDataSouce function helps you to get ad hoc connection information as part of a four-part object name as an one time alternative of linked server… 416 more words

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Datawarehouse Database Cleanup SQL query

IMPORTANT: Always perform a FULL Backup of the database before doing anything to it !!!

This article applies to SCOM 2007 and SCOM 2012

Somtimes you may have event storms where you end up having old entries in the Data Warehouse database i.e data that is older than the grooming threshold. 364 more words

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Sql Server : IGNORE_DUP_KEY setting influences UNIQUE Index and non-UNIQUE index behavior

Interesting topic today.

When you create UNIQUE constraint on a table, to prevent any duplicate records, there are a couple of options.

  1. Create UNIQUE INDEX with necessary columns…
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Sql Server How to find the oldest Active transaction

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Sometimes during normal DBA operations, there would be a need to check for the existence of any active transaction that could be preventing the transaction log from rolling forward with its virtual logs. 84 more words


Have you heard and understand why processing a ‘select * from any table’ can be negative on the performance impact? While I was doing some demo prep for my upcoming PASS Summit Pre-Conference I saw this behavior at its worst.

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