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The SSAS Tabular Model

I’ve been a fan of Microsoft products for many years, I’ve always considered them mature and scalable yet still open to challenge by competitors. Recently some new software providers have entered the BI market with tools that have started to become serious adversaries of Microsoft. 426 more words


Stuff I've learned from my degree part 1

I want to write about some of the things I’ve learned as part of my Open University degree so far.
The degree is in Computing & IT and Statistics, and I started it for a couple of reasons. 567 more words

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Find all supported Collations of SQL Servers

select name, COLLATIONPROPERTY(name, 'CodePage') as Code_Page, description
 from sys.fn_HelpCollations()
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SQL SERVER - SSMS: Top Object and Batch Execution Statistics Reports

The month of June till mid of July has been the fever of sports. First, it was Wimbledon Tennis and then the Soccer fever was all over. 737 more words

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Restore latest backup of database to same server as new database

Some, in order to save money, do not purchase a second server for development. If development activities do not require changes to the database system then it is not a horrible idea to just use the same server. 374 more words

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How Much Can You Save on Your Virtual SQL Server Farm?

If you’ve already virtualized some—or all—of your SQL Server environment, you’ve gained some physical consolidation and management advantages. But now you’re locked into Microsoft’s and/or VMware’s view of what you should be able to do with your newfound capabilities. 607 more words


Rename or Change SQL Server Standalone Named Instance

Today, We will go through with the steps of renaming or changing SQL Server Standalone Named Instance.

Renaming or Changing SQL Server Standalone Named Instance is almost same as SQL Server Standalone Default Instance. 273 more words

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