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Find string value from comma delimated values stored in database SQL

Data must be saved in column as ” ,12,15,44,90, “

Now to find the value below queries:

declare @a varchar (100)
set @a = ‘100’ 9 more words

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When and how to use the aggregate transformation in SSIS

Aggregate transformation allows to aggregate the data from the data source pushed in the SSIS. It can be used in scenarios where we have to group, sum or count the data, for example aggregate transformation can be used to sum the total monthly sales made by employees.  200 more words

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SQL SERVER - How to Force New Cardinality Estimation or Old Cardinality Estimation

After reading my initial two blog posts on New Cardinality Estimation, I received quite a few questions. Once I receive this question, I felt I should have clarified it earlier few things when I started to write about cardinality. 359 more words

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Gotchas When Accessing an IaaS SQL Server in an Azure Cloud Service

It’s not that uncommon a scenario… You implement a spectacular BizTalk Server integration solution with well-designed Business Activity Monitoring, and you want to expose all that BAM goodness out through a custom-designed Web application built with HTML5, etc. 1,048 more words


How database mirroring can help preventing from database corruptions

SQL Server 2008: Automatic Page Repair with Database Mirroring

By: Paul Randal

One of the hottest features in SQL Server 2005 is database mirroring, and it’s helped many companies implement successful and relatively inexpensive high-availability strategies. 1,200 more words

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