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SQL SERVER - Search Records with Single Quotes

Every day when I woke up there are hundreds of emails with various questions related to SQL. I spend my first hour of the day answer each of them. 62 more words

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SQL SERVER - Combined Multiple .SQL files into One Single File

Here is an interesting problem which I enjoyed solving yesterday.

There were multiple SQL Files in my one folder. When I had to send it to my friend I had to collect all the files into a folder and zip it to send it via email. 211 more words

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EXCEL / SQL SERVER - Extract the Domain from an Email Address

Just like any business person, I work with Excel pretty much half of my time when I am not working with SQL Server. Recently I faced challenges when I wanted to extract domain from the email address. 137 more words

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SQL SERVER - Finding Max Value From Multiple Values

Here is a question which I have received a few days ago.

“I have three different variables, I want to find out which one of them has the maximum or highest value. 169 more words

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SQL SERVER - Do You Know Your Data’s Classification? - Notes from the Field #050

: Data is a very simple word, yet it is very powerful. There is a famous saying – Know Your Data. I have quite often found that developers do not know their data, they are often confused with the same and not sure how to answer that. 357 more words

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SQL SERVER - Beginning Reading Transaction Log File

In this article we will examine what the SQL Server Transaction Log is, why do we need one and how it works.

Transaction Log Overview… 1,016 more words

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SQL Authority News - Save USD 600 for SQL Live! 360 in November

I love talking about performance tuning and I love teaching about performance tuning. I think this is one subject, which everyone would like to discuss about, as this subject never gets old. 547 more words

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