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Create Partitioned Table Using CTAS

Leave here an example of how to create a partitioned table from a non partitioned table ( in this case with organization head). Remember that CTAS copy the NULL or NOT NULL constraint, but not as DEFAULT VALUES conditions. 60 more words



A recurring argument currently doing the rounds at work and amongst the developer community is whether or not to use JSON or XML when transferring data between systems, web services or databases. 410 more words


Standardizing Database Interactions Using ORM

One of the many obstacles that data driven software engineers face during their career is interacting with a database.  In today’s hyper evolving technology cosmos you may have missed the memo – ORM’s ROCK!   632 more words


SQL SERVER - Proof of Concepts with Windows Azure - Notes from the Field #056

: This is a 56th episode of Notes from the Fields series. If you are DBA and Developer there is always a situation when you want to prove yourself by building a small proof of concepts of your idea. 715 more words

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SQL SERVER - Inside Temp Table Object Creation

When I wrote the article around tempdb like normal database, I had a number of people asked me how it is so simple to understand? Well, they were asking how are the tables created? 434 more words

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Oracle 12c – SQL for JSON (Part 3): Basic Joins

Having JSON support in a relational database means that the join operator is available not only for joining relational data or JSON data, but also for the mixed case: joining JSON and relational data. 687 more words


(EN) Faster Queries in Hive by Using Strategies with DISTRIBUTE BY, SORT BY, ORDER BY and CLUSTER BY

Hive is a great tool for MapReduce users that are less Java-proficient. To most SQL users, HQL will seem second nature beyond some minor js syntax changes (no varchars here!). 300 more words

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