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SQL SERVER - Live Plans for Long Running Queries

If you are a SQL Server DBA or developer who is majorly dealing with queries which are running for a long time, you may have one request every time you see a long running query. 330 more words

SQL Authority

View the raw sql created by Doctrine

For debugging you might want to see the final native query constructed by doctrine

$raw_sql = $query->getSQL();

the raw_sql variable would contain the sql constructed from entity objecs.


So it begins...

So it begins and begins with the second project, see this is going to be a big project and so I wanted to get a great start. 321 more words


Postgresql - Optimizing SQL Performance

In a standard smallish Postgresql installation its actually fairly straightforward to figure out what indexes to create to eliminate sequential scans and improve your performance. But in a larger system where there are thousands of different queries, perhaps written by dozens of different engineers, the problem of addressing performance issues gets a bit more difficult. 1,264 more words


Optimize "Insert into" in SQL

In this post I will give you some advice on how to extract data from a large table into a new table. In this case we are using the “INSERT INTO” statement. 441 more words