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Finding duplicates over multiple fields with SQL

This is a query I’ve written probably dozens of times but never actually saved. I often forget about the ‘HAVING’ clause, but it’s necessary as WHERE doesn’t cut it in these situations (the aggregation with COUNT(*)). 159 more words


Microsoft Office Access can't find the object … FROM ::fn_listextendedproperty

Access uses cunning extended properties which live within SQL. However if you start altering the database manually or via DMO statements these get confused.

To remove all the Extended Properties, get Jamie Thompson’s script from… 17 more words

jOOQ Tip of the Day: Reuse Bind Values

jOOQ implements your SQL statements as AST (Abstract Syntax Tree). This means that your SQL statement is modelled in a non-text form prior to serialising it as a textual SQL statement to your JDBC driver. 218 more words


Conditionally Setting Column Visibility in SSRS - Ẩn hiện cột trong báo cáo bằng Reporting

Conditionally Setting Column Visibility in SSRS

In this article I will show you real example of the usage of Column Visibility property in SSRS. Column visibility property is used to show or hide the column in the report. 303 more words


SQL SERVER - SSMS: Top Transaction Reports

Let us start with a personal story.

Personal Story – My Daughter and I

My day has its own part of long meetings and my daughter tries to pull a string here and there to get my attention almost every other day. 907 more words

SQL Authority

Let's talk about normalization...

Never in my life I would imagine myself writing a blog post about such a scholastic subject, as normalization.

First, we all know what normalization is, we did study the normal forms in our first Database theory class (or SQL Primer, or whatever). 677 more words


QA Team Leader

Position: QA Team Leader

Company: Bapp

Location: Herzlija-Petuach


לחברת סטארט אפ בהרצליה פיתוח דרוש איש QA לצורך הקמה וניהול מערך הבדיקות בחברה
עם ניסיון של מינימון 4 שנים ניסיון. 9 more words