Weekend SQL tip : How to quickly find SQL Server version and edition.

What can you do in a situation when you need to quickly find or communicate an SQL Server instance’s version and edition on a computer? 67 more words


Find Transactional Replication Details

This will a quick post about a script to find replication metadata in details.  You need to run this in your distributor (where distribution database reside) server and filter in various ways depending on your need.   184 more words

SQL Server

Passwords - A T-SQL Tuesday Topic

Being engrossed with the daily tasks at hand I completely missed this month’s T-SQL Tuesday is being brought to you by Sebastian Meine Blog | … 403 more words

SQL Server

SQL Prompt 6.4 - Get It

This guy looks just like me a few weeks ago only one difference…..he has hair!!! Okay seriously though, I felt just like this guy not long ago and the reason for this was due to the fact I have become accustomed to specific tools and utilities that I utilize on a daily basis. 394 more words

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#0346 – SQL Server – Using CASE with a PRINT statement

Informational and alert messages during execution of a T-SQL script are the most preferred method to update the user on the progress of the task being executed. 423 more words


RIA WCF services: Domain Services and query cost on the database

From the Northwind database, I’ve generated an entity model consisting of the Orders table. For the domain service, right now, I just have an unconstrained table scan, which of course you would never do in practice. 264 more words

Weekend SQL Tip : Querying special characters.

Weekend’s here, and so is my new blog on querying special characters in SQL Server:  % (percentage), _ (underscore), and ‘ (single quotation mark/apostrophe)

So, how can we list all records in Sale table where sale_notes field contains strings with ‘%’ character. 254 more words