Ranking Functions in Microsoft SQLSERVER

Today, We will see example of different ranking functions supported in Sqlserver.

Use below script to create table.

CREATE TABLE dbo.CustomerData
(OrderId INT IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,CustomerId INT,TotalAmt decimal (10,2)) 419 more words


SQL: Database Mirroring over different domains

Soooooooo I’m back. I’ve never went away, actually. But time to write is always more rare.

Today I wanted to share a small post about Database Mirroring. 594 more words


Using LocalDB with CodeFluent Entities

With Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Microsoft has introduced a feature called LocalDB which is a new edition of SQL Express. LocalDB is created specifically for developers and it is much easier to install (no service) and manage than standard editions. 242 more words

Developing Using CodeFluent Entities

Compact SQL Databases….

I’m in the process of developing my first app for the Windows phone platform.  I won’t say more than that for now, but it requires the use of a database at the back end to hold user account details. 430 more words



The sp_helptext command will display the stored procedure with the line numbers (as used in error messages) – this will allow you to see the line causing the eror… 6 more words


SQL Server 2014 General Availability

Today morning, Microsoft announced general availability for next major release of Microsoft SQL Server product which is called “SQL Server 2014”.

I have listed below some of the key highlights of SQL Server 2014 release… 73 more words


SQL Server latest Cumulative Updates (Mar. 2014)

Directly from the Microsoft Release Service blog, here is the list of latest updates for SQL Server 2008 SP3, 2008 R2 SP2 and 2012 SP1: 31 more words

SQL Server