#SPSJE Back home

It was a great pleasure to meet last Saturday colleagues and local customers for the Channel Island first ever SharePoint Saturday.

Organisation was perfect,  weather was sunny and we had great time with other members of the community ! 188 more words


Installing SQL Server 2014 Language Reference Help from disk

Some weeks ago I had to wipe my machine and reinstall everything from scratch, SQL Server included.

For some reason that I still don’t understand, SQL Server Management Studio installed fine, but I couldn’t install Books Online from the online help repository. 655 more words

SQL Server

LepideAuditor for SQL Server review

Every day a DBA (or a developer), has to reply to questions like “who changed that table?” or “who tried to login on our production database?”. 1,117 more words

SQL Server

#0347 – SQL Server – Basics – A SELECT that does not fetch anything also does not SET anything

In today’s post, I go all the way back to the basics because of a logical bug I saw in production code recently.

It is always said to be a good practice to initialize variables within procedures so that you know what the default value is and what are valid and invalid values for a variable. 281 more words


Weekend SQL tip : How to quickly find SQL Server version and edition.

What can you do in a situation when you need to quickly find or communicate an SQL Server instance’s version and edition on a computer? 67 more words


Find Transactional Replication Details

This will a quick post about a script to find replication metadata in details.  You need to run this in your distributor (where distribution database reside) server and filter in various ways depending on your need.   184 more words

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Passwords - A T-SQL Tuesday Topic

Being engrossed with the daily tasks at hand I completely missed this month’s T-SQL Tuesday is being brought to you by Sebastian Meine Blog | … 403 more words

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