Tip # 3 – Maintain your SQL Server

Top 10 Tips for SQL Server Performance and Resiliency

This article is part 3 of 10 in a series on the most common mistakes that I have seen impacting SQL Server Performance and Resiliency. 977 more words


Using PowerShell to Apply the Database changes with Change Log.

This script is developed to make the database deployments easier and track the changes in more easier manner. Also helps in case if you need to rebuild the entire database based on the delta scripts available.  90 more words


#0352 – SQL Server – Working with Temporary Tables (L100) - Scope

In this post, I provide a Level 100 primer on the scope related considerations for local temporary tables.

While I have written about temporary tables a lot in the past (and the same has also been done by other writers), there are some questions that I keep encountering from the team or in various forums on the Internet which is why I am writing this post. 531 more words


Returning a value from DynamicSQL

To return a value from a Dynamic SQL call, use the following approach. The value will be placed in the @COMPENDIAVALUE variable in the example below… 54 more words


#0351 – SQL Server – Locate an object in a SQL Server instance

Interacting with people on a SQL Server forum is always something that I look forward to. It gives me an insight into the challenges that are being faced out in the field – some of which I may have already encountered & addressed myself in the past, but thought it to be something trivial. 240 more words


Nutanix journey - part 3

Since mid november and my last blog post we have been moving on in small steps, both internal and external resources was a bit limited during this period, vacations and holidays making things even worse. 1,088 more words


Diplomado Técnico SQL Server 2012

Hace algún tiempo tuve la fortuna de ser el responsable de desarrollar y liderar el contenido de este diplomado para la tecnología de SQL Server 2012 de Microsoft… 177 more words