Case Insensitive Lookups with SSIS

Whilst recently compiling a reasonably complex transformation to bring in some data from an Excel spreadsheet I was left in the situation where I had a some look ups that were failing to resolve due to case sensitivity. 385 more words


Finding Start and End dates using TSQL

On the 15th, October I attended SQL Relay in Bristol and amongst all of the great content Dave Morrison TSLQNINJA showed us a nifty way of finding the end dates of a year (or month or week) using TSQL. 156 more words


Exploiting MS SQL Server: Fast-Track, mssql_ping, mssql_login, mssql_payload, Meterpreter Shell

The exploitee system comprises: Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2 (unpatched). Firewall and software updates switched off, Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) (server) and FTP service enabled, SQL Server 2005 Express configured, and a vulnerable web app up and running. 371 more words

Penetration Testing

#0349 – SQL Server – SSMS Usability - Unable to Show XML, Unexpected End of File when parsing

Today’s post comes from a recent experience. I was trying to extract an XML from one of the logs that we maintain in the application when exchanging data over an interface. 217 more words


The Question - Why?

The question I get asked a lot by other data professionals at conferences, events, speaking engagements, family, friends, etc. is Why do you do what you do?  1,538 more words

SQLServerPedia Syndication

PASS SQL Saturday Parma Agenda now available!

PASS SQL Saturday Parma agenda is now available!

This is the timetable:

From        To


10:00       11:00

11:15       12:15

12:30       13:30

13:30       14:30

14:30       15:30… 34 more words

SQL Server

#0348 - SQL Server - Msg 1946 - The index entry exceeds maximum length of 900 bytes

Having indexes on character columns is fairly common in OLTP systems that deal with multiple look-up values. However, indexes on character columns come with a small catch. 413 more words