ALTER will also force a recompile of the entire procedure. Statement level recompile applies to statements inside procedures, eg. a single SELECT, that are recompiled because the underlying tables changes, w/o any change to the procedure. 56 more words


How to list all objects and indexes [SQL Server]

Today I had to list which object belongs to which filegroup.
It’s a simple and useful script that you can take from system catalogues: sys.filegroups, sys.indexes, sys.database_files and sys.data_spaces. 133 more words


Comparing similar strings in Sql Server

Comparing two strings

In our applications, we compare strings using : case insensitive and accent insensitive, but …. if we want to search similar strings? 145 more words


How to create user another sa (sysadmin) using CMD on sql server 2005

I’m having trouble with sa user, its broken because I drop default database. And then the solution is create another user sysadmin which has same privilege with sa user. 61 more words


UPDATE Statement with .WRITE - Minimally logged operation during Partial/Full Update

The .WRITE clause is an¬†integral part of the UPDATE statement. Commonly it’s used to perform a partial update on big data set of VARCHAR (MAX), NVARCHAR (MAX) and VARBINARY (MAX) data types. 299 more words

Database Administrator

Accent insensitive on NHibernate and SqlServer

Searching names

Sometimes, we want to filter data, but … we want do it ignoring accents (Accent insensitive).

It’s very useful to search names of people.

121 more words

T-SQL Tuesday #60 Roundup - Step Right Up

We had a great turnout for this months T-SQL Tuesday Block Party. Coming into this month and knowing that I was hosting, I felt a strong sense of picking a topic that would help others. 579 more words

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