#0344 - SQL Server - Missing Configuration Manager on Windows 8

Microsoft SQL Server comes with a very powerful  configuration manager which can be used to manage the SQL Server services and control network visibility and footprint. 197 more words


What I Wish I Had Known Sooner...as a DBA

Yesterday I took a minute and to review some posts by some Data Professionals and in doing so I came across and article by Erin Stellato… 722 more words

SQLServerPedia Syndication

SqlServer Notes : How to RESET identity columns in SQL Server

— for example

Here product is the table name


#0343 - SQL Server - String values and effect on DateTime objects

One of the things that I was frequently told during my schooling was to initialize the variables that I use in my programs and scripts. The obvious benefit of having such mentors is that it has now become a matter of habit for me to initialize every variable in my SQL scripts. 452 more words


Entity Framework - Debugging the generated SQL

I’m using the Northwind database to take a look at the SQL that EF generates (Here’s the version of Northwind on CodePlex). SQLServer Profiler is your friend in doing this. 263 more words

#0342 – SQL Server – LEN v/s DATALENGTH – A feature comparison

There are few typical questions that developers ask when developing applications or when troubleshooting an issue:

  • What is the length of this string?

  • How many bytes does this string take for storage?

  • 590 more words