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Which Disney Characters are in the Know in Kingdom Hearts?

The Kingdom Hearts series has quite the convoluted storyline knocking around, now Sora is connected to a plethora of different people and the ambiguous conversations about light and darkness have become commonplace. 1,476 more words


Thought Provoking, Moving "Life is Strange"

As the credits began to roll, I sat stunned. Far more detailed and complex than the choice-driven story games it might be compared to, DONTNOD’s first episode of “Life is Strange” doesn’t hold back. 320 more words


Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days personal opinion

As a Kingdom Hearts fan I try to make it a priority to every game to follow the story. This game had very interesting story because instead of playing as Sora, you play as Roxas in the days when he first joined Organization XIII. 170 more words

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Life Is Strange Launch Trailer Revealed!

For now, it seems that the end of the episodic adventure game is nowhere in sight, and lovers of the unique and surreal couldn’t be happier about that fact. 123 more words


I'm still going!

So the past few days I’ve been a bit lazy with my Kingdom Hearts project.
But today was my day off, so I made quite a bit of progress. 313 more words

Listen to "Life Is Strange" Soundtrack | The Final Developer Diary | Launches Tomorrow

Life is Strange will be out tomorrow! Square Enix & Dontnod have released the third and final installment of Life is Strange Developer Diary series. The video, entitled ‘Creating Arcadia Bay’ , features in-depth details of the sights and sounds you can expect in the game. 165 more words

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Why i like Final Fantasy XIV

So, my plan’s not going so well- i didn’t have time to play on any day this week. Well, i managed to get a story mission in Guild Wars 2 in, but that’s all i got. 643 more words

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