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So Can We Get that Blitzball Game Now, Square?

Everybody got their copies of the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster yet? Good. The glorious re-release of one of the flagship games of the PlayStation 2 along with its sequel and bonus materials has no doubt put the same thought back in a lot of people’s heads that they had some thirteen years ago when the original game came out: there should be a game devoted entirely to Blitzball. 1,114 more words

Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 9/15/14

I don’t see a lot of Eiko cosplays.  Her outfit would be diffitult to translate to the real world.  I was…okay with Eiko.  She was the… 162 more words


A Glorious Fantasy: Finally, a Thief!

Abbreviated boilerplate! Once again I return to this ongoing series, in which I attempt to play through every game in the Final Fantasy franchise that I can get my hands on, from FF1 through Lightning Returns, and a variety of the spinoffs and other titles not included in the ‘main series’. 1,370 more words


Mike Maverick Plays - The Last Remnant Part 1 - the Prologue

Welcome to the introduction to Mike Maverick Plays “the Last Remnant” This will be my playthrough just to fill the gap after the Ducktales Remastered fiasco so keep in mind I will continue to play Ducktales Remastered but for most parts I will continue to upload more Lets Plays of the Last Remnant, Persona 3 FES, and Megaman X Command Mission. 10 more words

Mike Maverick Plays

I finally completed Dragon Quest.

After nine and a half months and over one hundred hours of play, I finally squeezed past the final boss and brought this epic to a close. 108 more words


Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 9/13/14

Princess Garnet in her ball gown is absolutely exquisite.  All hail Deviant Artist EminenceRain for her lovely portrayal.


Thief Review - Contains Spoilers

(Spoiler Alert)

So, as the broke student I am, I was finally able to buy Square Enix’ Thief.

I had read the reviews after buying the game, and I could not help but feel less smart about my fine new buy. 196 more words