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Loving this

Remember when it was all different? Things were so simple and beautiful then. Not that things aren’t beautiful now, but beauty took a lessĀ adulterated form then. 528 more words



This dessert is very easy to make, requires basic ingredients, and is the perfect item for potlucks, bake sales, or a simple item to share with friends. 85 more words


Geometry with Dame Hepworth

This is my second critical studies assignment and is meant to help us assess the aesthetics of something. We are to write 100 words of an appreciation of any artists work. 270 more words


How to make a Sail Boat Block with 2 1/2" strips & squares - Quilting Tips & Techniques 162

This video shows how to make a Sail Boat block using 2 1/2″ strips & squares.

The block measures 8 1/2″ so will be a finished 8″ block.


Pumpkin Squares

I’m all settled in back at Queen’s starting my third year in the commerce program. My mom was in town and dropped by today for a visit and brought me loads of treats (aka premium baking ingredients!). 393 more words


Rectangle Pattern Task

I am so into this lesson by Cynthia Lanius! She wasn’t on my radar before but I’m definitely taking a look at her website. I like that the first word of the title is “fun!” Fun, along with Mutual Respect and Safe Place, is one of the three pillars of HGS, and so it is near and dear to my heart. 330 more words

Collaborative Task

Anomalies on Hill in India

NearĀ an Indian village called Laxmi Puram on the top of a rocky hill, this patron of lines is present.

An overview of the evidently artificial square patron.. 102 more words