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Update on debugging SqueakSSL on Linux64 (32 bit compat)

Building SqueakSSL compiles just fine, but fails at the libtool stage when compiled as an internal plugin.

My hunch is that when compiled as an external plugin, the linking is deferred until the module is loaded by the VM. 394 more words


Indenting C Preprocessor commands?

Well, look what we have here from platforms/unix/vm/sqPlatformSpecific.h for the CogVM source tree.

#if defined(__GNUC__)
# if !defined(VM_LABEL)
# define VM_LABEL(foo) asm("\n.globl L" #foo "\nL" #foo ":")
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Wrapping Head Around It

Facts that conflict with identity can lead to rejection: Teaching outside the mainstream

Thought-provoking piece on NPR.  Take parents who believe that the MMR vaccine causes autism.  Show them the evidence that that’s not true.  They might tell you that they believe you — but they become even… 472 more words

How to Receive a Message from an Apache ActiveMQ Topic with Squeak

W/o Durability

stream := SocketStream on: (Socket newTCP connectTo: (NetNameResolver addressForName: 'localhost') port: 61613).

stream nextPutAll: 'CONNECT', Character lf asString, Character lf asString, Character null asString. 203 more words