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The Mouse in The Grandfather Clock

Once there was a mouse his name was Squeak. He was spunky. But he lives alone in a grandfather clock. One day when the clock struck one, Squeak scurried to the pantry to get his food. 21 more words

5 things I've learnt about long car journeys with small children...

Thirteen hours in a car with two small children does not sound like fun. Unfortunately, (or possibly very fortunately) I didn’t think about this before I booked our holiday in the Vendee… a thirteen hour drive away. 440 more words

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Staring down the dawn

Squeak. Squeak. SQUEAK.

Damn that stair. It gives me away every single morning but if I’m quiet enough, if I can just tiptoe through the skimpy dawn I will have time. 372 more words


#106 Strut Replacement

Struts were replaced, giving a huge improvement in ride, noise and turning smoothness.

Besides making squeaking noises and a less-than-comfortable ride, the struts needed replacement because the spring seat on the right side was failing.  1,457 more words


Why is my dryer squeaking or squealing?

If you dryer is squeaking or squealing, or making a metal on metal noise, it could be due to the following parts:

Appliance Parts And News

Kitty Cat Retribution

I live in a house with a cat named Squeakers, and the picture above is hers, and she is my mom’s cat. She’ll be all, “Theresa, I love you!” when my mom isn’t around, but the instant she gets back it’s, “Get outta my way, Theresa! 341 more words


Chris Lake Reacts To Fans' Negative Response!

Chris Lake has come out with a new track; ‘Squeak’, and following the negative reviews he has taken to Facebook to make his stand clear: 327 more words