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I'm a little bit distracted

I collect Mum from the airport tomorrow night. Going to get a coffee this morning with a colleague, I said that I all I can think about is: … 439 more words

Thought For The Day

The Day My Chain Was Slow

It was only the other day when I felt the chain getting a little slow.

There was no sound such to catch the ear, as I have heard chains… 168 more words


The Best Toys Don’t Come from a Store

he toys I buy for Penny get little attention: one bone she is not overly fond of, and she only acts like she wants to play with the old toy I pulled out that belonged to my last furry child.  424 more words

Tales Of Penny Layne

squeak comically against the silence

…, and their comings and goings through what was generally known as the honeymoon suite made the waxed oak boards squeak comically against the silence…

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Ian Mcewan

These Three Week Old Husky Pups Will Squeak & Howl Their Way Into Your Heart!

If you are feeling a small blue, we have just the remedy for you! We have some thing for your everyday dose of cuteness! So are you prepared for some cuteness overload? 27 more words

Women Ideas

Creating CS Meetups for Constructionist Adult Education

A few months ago, I wrote a post on Constructionism for Adults. I argued that we want constructionist learning for adults, but most constructionist learning environments are aimed at children. 1,867 more words

The Mouse in The Grandfather Clock

Once there was a mouse his name was Squeak. He was spunky. But he lives alone in a grandfather clock. One day when the clock struck one, Squeak scurried to the pantry to get his food. 21 more words