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Supernatural 9x18 "Meta Fiction"

So I have been gone for far too long and I apologize to all of my loyal readers. Bwahaha! *ahem* anyways… I have been gone too long and I don’t really have an excuse, I’ve been watching my shows, but I haven’t much felt like fangirling over them… I’ve felt a little down in the dumps lately… But I have risen! 1,313 more words

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Squirrel buries nuts in a guy's clothes

This video, taken in Battery Park, Manhattan, shows a biological instinct gone awry. This squirrel, given several peanuts, buries them in the clothes of the guy who proffered the nuts, hiding them in his hood and his pockets.   18 more words

Animal Behavior

It Was That Kid Over There, Mom!

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This Energetic Baby Giraffe Will Make Your Day

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Bear & Underwood Giveaways! A few words about Storium!

Earlier this week, Cooking the Books took a road trip - Michael R. Underwood and I piled everything in the car and headed out for new frontiers…  430 more words