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Eating Squid in Halong Bay

Last month we introduced you to squid fishing during a Halong Bay tour. So what’s the best thing to do after catching the squid? Eating it of course! 433 more words

Halong Bay


A great show by Squid.

Bree and Ian do drumming on their precession drums and then buckets. They were able to do drum stick tricks and even drum on each others drum while keeping an impressively fast beat! 12 more words

Squid-3.2 mythbusting NAT

One of the more frequently mentioned “problems” with Squid-3.2 since its release is a change in how it handles NAT failures.

The Myths

“Squid used to work when I NAT traffic to it from my router.” 759 more words


The Feast Of Seven Fishes: Calamari and Eel

Tis’ the season for another Italian Tradition for the Feast of Seven Fishes. Always a customer favorite in the market, especially around the holidays- Fresh squid! 392 more words


Squid Adobo

Squid adobo is a classic favorite of mine. The unique taste of the soup with rice is really undeniable.

Anyway here’s how you cook adobong pusit… 88 more words


Squid with Chorizo & Beans

On 6th December 2014, This was Dinner

I haven’t had chorizo for over a month, I’m surprised I could function! What a way to serve it though. 174 more words