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October 20 - Bigger Than Big

Today’s factismal: The giant squid Architeuthis (“chief squid”) isn’t the biggest squid in the ocean but it is the longest.

There is no creature more fabled and fabulous than the giant squid. 534 more words


Healthy Dinner: Calamari & Hake

Gluten Free dinner!!

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Stuff I Made Sunday

Nails did, hurr did, everything did. That’s Shirley’s motto.

Every Saturday she visits Miss Talia at Purrfect Nails salon, gossips about the office drama, and heads down to da club to get her dance on. 7 more words


Assortment of Japanese & Taiwanese small plates at 小巷亭日本料理,...

Assortment of Japanese & Taiwanese small plates at 小巷亭日本料理, great value and even better food, the whole restaurant spans around a small alley with various dining halls. 7 more words

Too Cute!!

Red. Canvas. Flats. Fishie. Squid. Comfy.


In pursuit of a $500 million harvest, India is gearing up for a deep dive

Every year, an estimated Rs3,000 crore ($500 million) worth of tuna and other deep sea fish swim out of Indian waters and into the nets of fishermen in Maldives, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia. 478 more words