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Mee sotong Georgetown, Penang.

After grazing our way through some other areas of Malaysia we made our way up to Georgetown, Penang (or Pinang), lauded as the food capital of Asia, street food mecca, whatever. 342 more words


Dead Squid on the Interstate

Deflated Teuthida,

a pillar at each side,

familiar with a coast,

abandoned by its tide.

Ducked beneath the bypass

to drape yourself and wilt

over stone dividers… 84 more words

The Story of Me (Part 4 I think)



It was about a month before I purchased minecraft for pc, and soon as I did, I immediately jumped back into that strange blocky world. 304 more words

Up to 27% of America's imported tuna is caught illegally

If you’re American seafood-eater, the odds are very high that you’ve sampled what’s essentially black-market fish. Some 20-32% of wild-caught seafood imports to the US made it without adhering to fishery management laws, according to  520 more words

Korean Seafood Stir-fry

I came across this wonderful Korean paste called Gochujang  which translates to “Hot Pepper Paste” in my local Asian food store, I bought it and couldn’t find anything to make with it so I searched for some recipes and I came up with this one. 357 more words


Japanese Appetizer (O-toushi/お通し): Boiled Squid and Kimchi!

O-toushi/お通しis actually a bit difficult to translate.
In a Japanese (in Japan) izakaya it is an appetizer that is served with the first drink and that you pay for in general in lieu of a cover charge. 354 more words

Japanese Gastronomy