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She Stole my Calamari

A sixth sense told me there was something fishy going on.

The female customer at the bar disappeared into the kitchen to emerge a few moments later holding a napkin around what looked like a doughnut. 247 more words


I dream of squid......

I love squid. Adore it. Generally if it appears on a menu in a restaurant then I order it. It’s a compulsion, similar to how I imagine being a crack addict is. 476 more words


Korean Spicy Squid Stir Fry | 오징어볶음

When I crave something spicy, I love to make a dish with a lot of red chili flakes or Korean hot chili paste. I love a good meal with a spicy kick. 291 more words


Travel tip #64...say "Yes, please"

Yes, please.

That’s usually the correct answer when you’re traveling. As in, “Would you like to eat a chicken liver?”

Yes, please.

“Would you like to hand feed some elk in the morning?” 508 more words


See - FOOD

Last week I learned how to clean musclse at La Muse – which is where I cook on Thursday afternoons but…this week I went to Jamie’s Italian and got squid and musclse spagetti ! 120 more words



So here are some drawings a did when I got bored, just having a go at drawing in this style and see if I can use this for my portfolio work for this years work. Edited the colour on Ps