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Top 10 Openly Gay Characters of Childhood Fiction (that we never noticed were gay)

You ever notice as a kid that there were some characters who were a little off?  You noticed little things about them that made you think that they were different.  2,029 more words


Operation Animation

So, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts and on my Projects page, I’m currently teaching myself the art of animation in order to achieve my (probably slightly unrealistic) dream of creating my own cartoon. 416 more words

This is kinda dumb but...

This post is partially about my hair. hahah I know it sounds completely dumb. On my blog my “profile picture” is me with straight hair. THIS IS A LIEE. 313 more words


Spongebob Squarepants is my hero. He is simple and naive and loving and forgiving and he seems to be at complete peace with himself (most times). 94 more words


Call Me SpongeBob

While I can’t say I was ever a huge fan of the cartoon, I want to be like SpongeBob.  No, I don’t want to live in a pineapple or have a snail for a pet, but I love his attitude about work. 73 more words

On Writing