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A Tale of Two Squirrels

I live in an apartment in an established, older neighborhood.  It has large trees which provides cover to a variety of birds and homes to a lot of squirrels.  584 more words


Trube Stories: 'Squirrel Man' Of Oak Cliff

By Emily Trube | @KRLDEmily

OAK CLIFF (KRLD) – What do you do when you find an injured wild animal in your yard? We typically know what to do when a dog or cat is sick or roaming around loose, but finding the next step in helping, say, a hurt raccoon or an abandoned baby possum is a little more complicated. 631 more words


Flash fiction: For the love of squirrels

My mother fed the squirrels left-overs: scraps of bacon rind, apple peelings, and the skins of grilled tomatoes that my father left on his plate. The squirrels would only go to her – sitting in the palm of her hand to eat. 143 more words

Short Stories


Today has been one of those “squirrelly” kind of days. You know those kind — I’ve misplaced more things today than I have in the past week. 715 more words

An Attempt at the Definitive Squirrel Post

National Squirrel Appreciation Day came and went, as it always does, with me in the yard, hiding my nuts, and missing my chance, again, to tell the squirrels of America how much I love them. 1,736 more words