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365 Poems: December 17th, 2014

The Squirrel

A squirrel runs up the power-line

on a blustery weekday morning.

I look up and watch him

as he scuttles along,

the wind swaying his black tightrope… 60 more words


Oooh Look! A Squirrel!

The BBC reports on a major new source of ‘carbon’. apparently, squirrels are going to kill us all according to climate scientist Dr Sue Natali, from Woods Hole Research Center in Massachusetts. 52 more words


Squirrels with Altitude

I’ve always considered myself to be quite animal friendly, and animals quite friendly to me.  Nevertheless, at the south east corner of St James’s Park Lake, I was quite surprised by this. 136 more words


Ball o' squirrel

nice example of nature’s camouflage …. he was coming down the tree and Snoopy was way to interested so I yelled and he ran back up.  34 more words

The squirrels and the pumpkins…

Among my autumn decorations were two orange pumpkins and a green pumpkin-looking squash. One of the pumpkins, I parked in a front flower bed, and the other two, I parked on a bench in my front yard. 234 more words