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Humans-1... crack squirrels-0...

I have been in negotiations with the crack squirrels that live inside my head…

They have decided that they will give up on their strike and get back to work coming up with crazy ideas for me to blog about… but they aren’t really happy… 327 more words


TEDTalks' Affects on Squirrels

Shoot for the stars! Go for your dreams! Hit on someone ridiculously out of your league! You never know… it could actually work out. This is exactly what Sebastian the squirrel was thinking after watching a marathon of several different very motivational TEDTalks in his treehovel on his neighbor’s wifi. 1,026 more words

dive-bombed cicada

dive-bombed cicada
tree trunk stormed by sqaub’ling squirrels
mid-summer madness


Didn’t plan it
Can’t control it
Life just happens
As I walk along
anticipating nothing… 175 more words

Spiritual Formation

#18. What am I afraid of.

#18. What am I afraid of.

Hmmmm…squirrels, Nicholas Cage, spiders, world domination by squirrels led by Nicholas Cage….shudder

Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirrels

As you can tell from the title, this post will involve squirrels. About 5-10 of them. Yeah. Sit tight, guys.

So, I’m gonna try to explain this as briefly as I can: We got attacked by mutated squirrels. 271 more words


Well maybe you think I just made up the whole thing about crack squirrels...

Crack squirrels are a real problem in America. I have done posts about this scourge to our safety and way of life… in fact, if you have a few minutes, you should type the words: ‘crack squirrel’ in that search thingy up there, the one that shows up when you click on the magnifying glass. 387 more words