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Road Kill Bill Would Make Claiming Animals Simpler

By Emma Fidel, Associated Press

LANSING (AP) - Getting a drive-through meal could take on new meaning in Michigan if legislation is approved making it easier to take home road kill. 696 more words


Wanna be funny? Just make your jokes more penis…ey

There are a lot of misconceptions about ADD, and about those that live with it. Many people think that ADD makes you like squirrels a lot more than normal people. 461 more words

Melbourne scrapbook

Here are some snaps and snippets from my recent trip home. Home? To the city where I was born, where I grew up, that I made a conscious choice to leave many years ago. 624 more words


Coffee in My Garden - We're Back!

I didn’t realize just how long it had been since Tinkerbell (our Chihuahua), Bean (our daughter’s parrot who lives with us – not the daughter, just the parrot) and I had been in our west garden. 689 more words

Coffee In My Garden

Have A Laugh: He's Well Equipped, You'd Have to Admit

A gray squirrel, I presume. What’s he paid? A nutty sum.

The secret is out

The third and final on our lunch time visitor.

The critter came to steal the birds’ food!

Have a blessed day.

Squirrels like fast food!

This squirrel is apparently a frequent visitor at Taco Cabana. I was told he/she loves the tortillas.

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