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That is what my family found when the BBQ was uncovered on the weekend. Some small, hungry creature had picked some ripe red banana peppers from the container garden, hauled them away from the plant to the underworld of the BBQ and proceeded to chow down on these spicy gems. 151 more words


The Turkeys Grow Up!

On July 2nd I did a post on the baby turkeys that visited with us. That post: A Family Comes to Visit. So, for today, I am posting a quick video of the babies eating with the mommy turkeys, and then, I wanted to share photos of how big they are today! 97 more words


Life is sooooooooo good!

After a couple of weeks going without the usual goodies our little friends at Ladybird Lane seem to think that life is soooooooo good, again. :-)


cookie season

Today’s funny spark:

I can personally vouch for the splendidness that is frozen Thin Mints. ;)


Elephant Thoughts

Best of all, pizza wasn’t the only thing the squirrel had found in the trash can that day. The small, furry creature had managed to scavenge a leg of chicken as well as one or two french fries. 349 more words

The Miss Melody Squirrel

In southeastern Massachusetts, the most common squirrel we see is the Eastern Gray Squirrel.

We do (supposedly) have the American Red Squirrel in Massachusetts, but it isn’t common where I grew up.The larger Fox Squirrel is what I’ve grown used to seeing out here (I think anyway, I’m no squirrel expert). 85 more words


What Do Wild Squirrels Know About GMOs That We Don't Know?

While camping out in the wilds of the US west, Z and I set up our tent near a squirrel hole. We camped there for eight days. 232 more words