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Pumpkin Wars

For Halloween, sometimes people carve numerous pumpkins. Others have patience enough for one only but use various touches to change its appearance.

Like this ponytail: 110 more words

Happy Halloween!

It’s cold and rainy in Chicago today, predicted to have the worst Halloween weather anywhere in the U.S.  Thank goodness I neither have children nor am a child, facing making the rounds in the cold rain to procure a few (ugh!) Mary Janes or, worse, candy corn.   159 more words



Of course, I’ve killed squirrels in Texas already, but you know, pics or it didn’t happen.  Last week I had a fun evening hunt on the San Gabriel River.   68 more words


Creations Unleashed

In addition to loving mail I also love this time of year. I hoped to receive a bunch of Halloween-friendly mail art, as explained here… 219 more words


Breathing Space - October 29/14

All the debris from our storms are making the squirrels and birds happy. Plenty of easy foraging. I gave this little guy some time to enjoy his snack, but eventually I had to move forward. 14 more words


It Couldn't be Fall Without Chubby Squirrel

I didn’t feel like doin a One-Liner today, although if I did, it’d be, “Hang on, there’s a squirrel at the door.”

Yes, Chubby lives on, although as it turns out, Chubby is a female who wasn’t so much chubby as she was “with squirrel.” I had previously thought that there was nothin more precious than a squirrel in my apple tree, just munchin away, but then I saw baby squirrels. 389 more words


October 29, 2014: A new generation and proud of it

LAKE MURVAUL — The movement in the canopy to my left caught me a little off guard but still I had time to shoulder the little .410 and take the shot. 714 more words