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It Will Not Climb Onto Your Bed

My fear of cockroaches is a little debilitating haha.
It’s probably the only thing (besides physical excersize) that spikes my heart rate up easily, and madly haha. 171 more words

I Love You

I’ve been dying to wear these shoes for so long….but couldn’t find a dress that felt like it looked right, until today!  Squish just released this adorable new dress, and I LOVE IT!  65 more words


Squish to Condish Method Video + Explanation w Pictures!

Helloo, all you beautiful curly girls! This method is much easier to do in the shower itself, but I filmed it in the sink just because I’m a chicken and don’t wanna film in the shower! 772 more words

8 Weeks, 5 Christians, 1 Van, 1 Blog

And when I say 8 weeks, I mean CAH. And by CAH, I mean Camp at Home. And if you don’t know what Camp at Home is… Well, then you are severely uneducated in the camping world and I suggest you keep reading this blog to get yourself educated. 272 more words


Poppins' hip carry

When you have seen the pic above, by the The Urban Babywearer from Amsterdam, you NEED to try this carry. Or at least that’s how I felt! 99 more words


The end of the Singing Spider… series!

The end of the Singing Spider…series!

Alls well that ends…