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Every time the web comic Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki updates, it is a time to celebrate!! Make sure to read the new edda!

Living with rats - Sharing space

Why do rats have to cram themselves into one space together? This is a question many rat owners ask themselves and although I can guess, it’s not something I could say there is a definitive answer to. 177 more words


Neon Confetti Irresistible!

Hi! Happy January! Is that a thing that people say? Happy January anyway :)

So far I’ve spent quite a lot of this calendar year eating nachos (YES) and watching the West Wing on netflix (YES) with my favourite person :) I have not been doing… 207 more words


Pancakes and The New Normal

I’ve had so much to talk about lately, I don’t even know where to start.

“Please, Mommy, indulge us with a soliloquy.”

Sometimes when life gives you a big change, it’s best to throw all of your expectations it the door and focus on what you are actually able to do. 667 more words

Day In The Life