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The Gita's Message To the Mind Seeking Vital and Physical Fulfillment

The Gita recognises that there are differing drives that lead individuals to follow one or another of the available paths of fulfillment open to them in the world. 289 more words

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The Solution Provided By the Gita and Its Limitations For Today's World

The Gita occupies an important position in the spiritual development of humanity and helps bridge the gap between the ancient Vedic and Upanishadic views of existence, and the needs of the social order that had developed as of the time within which the Gita takes place. 468 more words

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Do we really want liberation?

Not many people actually want ‘liberation’, my spiritual teacher said today. “Ask yourself, do you really want nirvana (liberation from the cycles of life and death)? 513 more words

Seeking God

The Mind Seeks For Spiritual Realisation

Just as the mind eventually becomes satiated with material and vital satisfactions and begins to seek out ideals that speak to the mind’s ideal tendencies, at some point even these ideal pursuits, the rules, standards, dharmas, and other frameworks erected by the mind, become unsatisfying. 414 more words

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The Interaction of the Ideal With the Material-Vital Existence

At a certain point in our evolutionary development, the satisfaction of the material wants and vital desires can no longer captivate our entire attention. There is more to our existence than a purely material-vital will to live. 414 more words

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Reading Sohail Inayatullah (2)

This is the second installment in my “Reading Inayatullah” series where I review selected parts of Sohail Inayatullah’s masterpiece “Understanding Sarkar: The Indian Episteme Macrohistory and Transformative Knowledge… 896 more words


The Material and Vital Basis of Existence on Earth

When we start to address the complexity of human life, the first stage requires that we understand and accept the fundamental basis of our lives, that is, the physical and vital elements that condition our ability to live and upon which we then build up our mental and spiritual capabilities. 278 more words

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