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The Solution to the Problem of Human Action

The problem of human action has troubled humanity for thousands of years. On the one side, we have what we call our animal nature, with our desires, as well as instincts, that drive action toward the attainment of various fruits of our efforts. 340 more words

Sri Aurobindo

Adventure of Consciousness - 1

the ultimate adventure: ourselves

‘The age of adventures is over. Even if we reach the seventh galaxy, we will go there helmeted and mechanized, and it will not change a thing for us; we will find ourselves exactly as we are now: helpless children in the face of death, living beings who are not too sure how they live, why they are alive, or where they are going. 1,047 more words

Rising Into the Supreme Spiritual Nature

Through the combination of the yogas of knowledge, works and love, the seeker increases the focus on the spiritual consciousness and moves his center away from the ego-based mental consciousness. 382 more words

Sri Aurobindo

Integrating the Yoga of Love With Both Knowledge and Works

Each of the 3 paths of yoga, knowledge, works and love, addresses a specific aspect of the human being’s psychology. Separately, each one can achieve certain results; together, however, they provide the all-encompassing path that is recommended by the Gita. 404 more words

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‘Namaste’- ‘I bow to the Self in you’ is a cliched greeting in the global yoga community.
It is explained that all beings are One Self – That is greeted in the gesture of bringing the palms together. 431 more words

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Islamic Culture - Insightsul

Sri Aurobindo was against the way in which Islam was used by politicians like Jinnah and Gandhi to divide the nation and reinforce the demands of an Islam that set itself apart from the rest of India. 428 more words

Sri Aurobindo

The Threefold Delight of the Yoga of Devotion and Love

We have different parts of our being that find their fulfillment through different activities. The mind of knowledge, the will in action, the devotion of the heart are each aspects that are part of the complete human experience. 406 more words

Sri Aurobindo