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Jewels of Happiness

Poise is an unseen power,
And this unseen power is always ready
To come to the aid of the outer action.
Sri Chinmoy


100 Words: Melting Expectations

What are your expectations? Of the holidays? Your family? Your colleagues? Yourself? Expectations leave disappointment in their wake. There are consequences, young lady, when you don’t live up. 74 more words


The Song Of The Soul

The philosophy of the mind
Is good.

The poetry of the heart
Is better.

The song of the soul
Is by far the best.

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New Statue of Sri Chinmoy in Canberra

On November 24, 2014, another life-size statue of Sri Chinmoy as Peace Dreamer with folded hands has been inaugurated in Canberra, Australia. Here is a selection of pictures. Enjoy! More photos: peacerun.org.

Sri Chinmoy

New statue in Brazil

A new statue of Sri Chinmoy, produced by Kaivalya Torpy, was recently unveiled in the presence of Niterói’s Vice-Mayor Axel Grael in  Niterói, Brazil. The statue’s location is in a very prominent spot in Niterói’s Parque da Cidade (City Park). 34 more words

Sri Chinmoy

Was Picasso Spiritual? Part 3

Have we then settled the question of whether Picasso was spiritual? No, we’ve only scratched the surface! In art, it’s the question and the asking which are often most important. 1,185 more words


Age is in the mind - Age is not in the body

The younger you can become, the faster will be your progress. This is absolutely no joke! I am fast approaching sixty-five years of age. I shall do a few more things in this lifetime which I could not do in my adolescent years. 795 more words

Sri Chinmoy