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Thought for today september 15th 2014

All around us is the cosmic game,
the cosmic play.
The universe is full of joy,
inner and outer.
When realisation takes place,
we have to feel the necessity of manifesting this constant delight in our heart. 26 more words


Thought for today september 8th 2014

Love is the only wealth that man absolutely needs.
Love is the only wealth that God precisely is.

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Pier Luigi Saddi


Sri Chinmoy Half Marathon - Iron Cove

This week was mainly about keeping the legs fresh for the half marathon pb attempt on Sunday. I was conscious of ensuring I had fully recovered from Glenbrook Marathon so for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday I just run easy, monitoring the heart rate and ensuring I was staying in my aerobic zone. 680 more words

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Sri Chinmoy's 76th Birthday - August 2007

Highlights of the Birthday Celebrations 2007 were the visit of Purushottama Boris Grebenshikov and his family, the birth of the world’s largest pencil, created by Ashrita Furman and his international crew as well as a beautiful 27th of August celebration day with a walk past meditation and… 12 more words

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800 Meditate Here With Sri Chinmoy - AP

Article featured – Friday, Nov. 1, among the day’s top 15 stories, received by 1,400 newspapers worldwide, including the New York Times.

PDF – 800 Meditate Here With Sri Chinmoy – 1 Feb… 657 more words

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Sri Chinmoy Zurich marathon swim 2013

Last weekend (10th August) was the 2014 Sri Chinmoy Marathon Swim across Lake Zurich. This brought back some great memories of 2013 when Manda and I competed in the race. 956 more words


AFP: The world’s longest foot-race

The multi-week ‘Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race’ is the longest foot-race in the world, and involves participants running and walking more than 5000km around a 900m circuit. Duration: 02:32.

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