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Millennia before European thinkers, Gita and Arthashastra embodied Indian tradition of realpolitik - Henry Kissinger

“Millennia before European thinkers translated their facts on the ground into a theory of balance of power, the Arthashastra set out an analogous, if more elaborate, system termed the ‘circle of states.’ Whatever professions of amity he might make, any ruler whose power grew significantly would eventually find that it was in his interest to subvert his neighbor’s realm. 924 more words


Mengubah Tradisi yang Sudah Usang

Sri Krishna, Draupadi dan Subhadra Mengubah Tradisi yang Sudah Usang

draupadi dan subhadra

“Ya, aku tahu tradisi dan peraturan. Tetapi aku juga tahu bahwa tradisi dan peraturan itu diciptakan untuk manusia, demi kebaikan manusia. 1,139 more words


MergeSort-inversion counting

I am pursuing the course Design and Analysis of Algorithms - part 1 by Stanford on Coursera.

There was a programming exercise on mergesort and counting of inversions. 276 more words

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