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Come on, Ride the train, Hey, Ride it!

Some of my favorite memories from traveling usually involve riding trains. I feel that it slows down the rush of experiencing a place. Its much more scenic than plane travel, more comfortable than bus travel (at times) and it lets you take in the landscapes and details you probably wouldn’t see. 668 more words


'White-girl-deity, Haro Hara!'

“Haro Hara!” the old man sitting right behind me belted into my ear. It was 6:30 am. Others weakly repeated it after him, but no one could quite match his enthusiasm–or volume. 765 more words


Sri Lankan hardline Buddhist links Dalai Lama to Muslim extremism

Source: Reuters

A hardline Sri Lankan Buddhist monk leading an anti-Muslim campaign accused the Dalai Lama on Tuesday of being influenced by Islamist extremists and said the Tibetan could not be accepted as a world Buddhist leader. 266 more words


Lion of Sigiryia

Shortly after the frescoes, one comes to a small plateau that was once guarded by a lion. Not a living lion but a rock lion. To reach the top of Lion’s Rock in… 127 more words


The Indian Ocean with Escape Worldwide

The islands of the Indian Ocean are amongst the most beautiful in the world, and we’re huge fans of this region having visited most parts of it over the years. 228 more words


Cook needs to take a leaf out of Andrew Strauss's book - ignore the critics and do it his way

Andrew Strauss was boring, conservative, negative and quiet possibly England’s most successful captain ever.