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Background: Somaliland Development Fund (SDF) & Somaliland Special Arrangement (SSA)

Development across all sectors in Somaliland is a pressing issue, one which has not been successfully addressed in the last decade. The Somaliland Development Fund (SDF) is an attempt to address these failings by putting into place mechanisms that support and meet development goals across a variety of sectors. 999 more words


“Oh no, I don't actually say that do I?”

Hello I’m Ben and I play the character Phil in the Southsea Shakespeare Actors‘ latest production, Here by Michael Frayn.

I was standing at work quite innocently talking to a colleague the other day. 469 more words

Southsea Shakespeare Actors

SSA (same-sex-attraction)

Tarek Fatah, author of Chasing a Mirage: The Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State – download the PDF here – comments that, “Our human rights cannot revolve around religion” ( 953 more words


Want to Be a Bayesian Superhero? Good Luck.

Noah Smith had a great post yesterday about becoming a Bayesian Superhero. Because I am an inveterate nitpicker and a routine abandoner of my commitment to Spreadsheets Anonymous, I want to dig into the math behind his example. 378 more words

Hello. My name is Franklin Phillips.

Well hello. Glad you made it. My name is Franklin Phillips and I am a recent college graduate. I am now taking those steps out of college, having become well-defined in my beliefs and views, as well as taking those next steps in my life. 841 more words


Secular Student Alliance Con East

I just spent 3 hours (at least) typing out every detail of my weekend in Columbus, Ohio for the 3 day Secular Student Alliance Conference. I included every detail of every talk, lecture, workshop, and in-between moment. 962 more words

What Are the Trendiest Popular Names of All Time?

A biotechnologist named David Taylor has come up with a new way to study trendy, popular names. Instead of looking at currently “hot” names from TV shows and movies, he used a chemistry algorithm called “chromatography” to analyze Social Security Administration data from inception to date for the purpose of finding the trendiest popular names of all time. 302 more words

Bruce Lansky