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Check Your Social Security Benefits Online

Have you ever wondered why percentages of your hard-earned paychecks are being taken away? Most people know what Social Security (SS) tax  is but do you know how much you’re paying and what does it all mean? 515 more words


Video #7: Same-Sex Attraction, Pornography and Masturbation (Part 1 of 3)


Habitual masturbation and pornography use are areas many guys with SSA struggle with. The issues of pornography, masturbation and sexual addiction are complex. We can’t process through them alone or in isolation. 36 more words


Avianca Brazil to partner with Byogy Renewables to produce biofuel

Avianca (Brazil) (Oceanair Linhas Aereas dba) (Sao Paulo) is increasing its partnering efforts to produce aviation biofuels in Brazil in association with Byogy Renewables. The two companies issued this statement: 508 more words


Video #6: Why Didn't These Feelings Go Away When I Became A Christian? (or "I Keep Praying, But . . .")


Homosexual attractions, feelings and behaviors may be intertwined in your life experience. Yet holistically and conceptually, homosexuality is not an isolated problem of mere sexual preference, orientation or disposition. 48 more words


Monkey-ing Around: Spring Break at a Special Needs Center in South Africa

Mid semester break was coming and I had many options as to what to do with my week off. For all who know me, I am not the most decisive person. 1,227 more words


Tracking Development in Somaliland

Somaliland’s changing developmental landscape has with prolonged peace and stability transition from emergency relief and post war recovery efforts to institutional capacity building and strengthening state authority. 733 more words


A Most Amazing Trend: The Rise of Boy's Names Ending in "N" from 1960 to 2012

I just read an article on Baby Center by Stacie Lewis which revealed an amazing statistic. She claims that 36% of boys’ names end in the letter “n.” This came to the attention of several people in the year 2009 because Robert T. 135 more words

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