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Treasury Dept. Intercepts Tax Refunds to Collect Debts of Dead Parents

Source: AllGov, by Steve Straehley, April 13, 2014

If you’re expecting a refund from the taxes you just filed, beware. The Treasury Department might grab a piece of your money before you ever see it. 193 more words


POSSUM! SSA says it will cease grabbing tax refunds, but IRS already snatched them!

Editor’s note: If today they scrape a little off the top of a tax refund with no evidence and no accountability, then tomorrow they’ll take entire 401K accounts and whatever else they can get their hands on. 263 more words


Video #4: If You Are Struggling With Same-Sex Attractions (or a Gay Identity)


It doesn’t matter if you are a committed Christian or not. Nor does it matter if you are in the closet, celibate but self-identifying as gay or if you are involved in a gay or bisexual relationship. 51 more words


Technology Feature: Reducing Greenhouse Gas with SSA

What is SSA? SSA stands for Supercapacitive Swing Absorption. This is an electrical effect that provides a new approach to sorption based gas separation.

What makes SSA an innovative and important technology? 56 more words

A New Perspective

This weekend was amazing. As I was dealing with all of the questions and worries that were swimming through my mind, I was able to have a really clarifying experience. 1,116 more words


3 Day Commercial Music Event in Area 51

On the 6th, 7th and 8th of May our Commercial Music will be hosting a fantastic 3 day event in Area 51.

There will be live bands performing for us as well as drink promotions and other special extras which are to remain secret until the night. 72 more words


Join SSA Harrow September 2014!

Do you want to get involved in the vibrant SSA Harrow at the University of Westminster?

Bring fresh ideas to the table and get involved in a fun, pro-active group that assists the Sabbatical Officer at our campus with the objectives for the year, as well as setting out to primarily improve the student experience. 97 more words

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