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Article #55: Validating Same-Sex Attracted Christians

“People who surrender their unwanted same-sex attractions to the Lord need time and support to fulfill God’s plan for their lives. As with each of us, they need love, acceptance, and accountability to grow.

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Sunday Say-Again [3]

This week’s been abit mad. Personal life is chaotic. I’ve got so much to read and review and hardly any time to do it. I’m also trying to prepare for… 131 more words


Building a Better Entrepreneur Infrastructure for Disabled Americans

With all of our government programs that exist to assist those who are minorities, female, and veterans, there seems to be a lack of any real infrastructure to encourage entrepreneurship among those with disabilities. 1,805 more words


Inverse functions: Arcsine and SSA (Part 17)

In the last few posts, we studied the SSA case of solving for a triangle, when two sides and an non-included angle are given. (Some mathematics instructors happily prefer the angle-side-side acronym to bluntly describe the complications that arise from this possibly ambiguous case. 358 more words


Inverse functions: Arcsine and SSA (Part 16)

We’ve seen in this series that blinding using the arcsine function on a calculator is insufficient for finding all solutions of an equation like . In today’s post, I discuss one of the first places that this becomes practically important: solving the ambiguous case of solving a triangle given two sides and an nonincluded angle. 409 more words


My choice to believe and embrace gay Christians in life and ministry.

This past year, I had to make a heart-rending decision based on how I believe Jesus would handle the touchy topic of homosexuality. I have studied the relevant Bible passages on homosexuality for years, but it wasn’t until recently that I chose to make that study practical and refuse to draw a line I don’t believe Jesus would draw. 1,476 more words

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