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TRIM di Ubuntu 14.04

Secara default jika kita menggunakan SSD Samsung atau Intel TRIM bekerja otomatis, nah masalah e kulo punya OCZ Vertex III, yo wis pakai TRIM manual atau masukin ke cron job weekly. 161 more words

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Ease ABSD for Singaporeans, urges Wing Tai boss

Wing Tai chairman Cheng Wai Keung has a solution for the property sector’s angst over the ABSD (additional buyer’s stamp duty): “Keep ABSD for foreign buyers but fine-tune it for Singaporeans who wish to buy more than one property.” 782 more words

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Sale of the Day!

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Just A Nerd Ramble

I had recently bought a Samsung laptop (NP355V5C-S01US) from Newegg; recently by my standards, anyway. This was back when I still had money. I threw in a Samsung SSD (830 Series, 120GB) and removed Windows 8, replacing it with Windows 7 (it required some maneuvering in the BIOS — one has to enable “Legacy OSs” now, like 7 is ancient or something). 400 more words


Macworld reviews Monster Digital OverDrive Thunderbolt 1TB portable SSD

“The OverDrive Thunderbolt performed consistently well in our suite of real-world tests and synthetic benchmarks,” Albert Filice writes for Macworld.

“This isn’t entirely surprising given the 1TB capacity (SSDs tend to offer better performance as the storage capacity increases) and accompanying $1000 price tag (you get what you pay for),” Filice writes, “a dollar per GB isn’t outrageous for a portable SSD right now, and at 1TB there aren’t many others to choose from.” 34 more words