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Nutanix - the Energizer Bunny of IT Infrastructure

“Software Defined” has become the epithet of the Nutanix solution, but you will always need hardware and hardware will always fail.

Recently we installed a relatively new NX-3460 for a Proof of Concept (POC) with all four nodes showing as up and running in the Prism management with no alerts. 508 more words

DIY Fusion Drive on mid 2010 17" MacBook Pro

Recently I have upgraded my mid 2010 17″ MBP with a 256GB SSD. Together with the built-in 500GB, I have successfully created a DIY fusion drive. 565 more words

Data Doubler

ICCP-9 - Storage

Hi Jacob,

After four lessons focused on the Central Processing Unit (CPU), perhaps it is time to touch on another computer topic. For this lesson, we will focus on “storage”. 359 more words

Computer Programming

Solid State Drive Recovery

Today we received a Solid State hard drive.After the initial diagnostic one of my engineers verified it had a fried chip.These are very difficult recoveries as there are multiple chips the data is written across.We were successful in recovering almost 100 % of the data.Just remember just because its a Sold State hard drive doesn’t mean it wont fail.We are getting lots of these Solid State hard drives in.So remember and back up all your hard drives.

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AMD Enter SSD Market

Semiconductor manufacturer Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) have partnered with OCZ Storage Solutions to create new AMD Radeon-branded Solid State Drive (SSD) it has been revealed. 203 more words


Demartek Commentary — Flash Memory Summit 2014

Post by Dennis Martin (thank you)

I attended the Flash Memory Summit 2014, held in Santa Clara, California. The organizers told me that registration for this year’s annual event was approximately 5000 people, with somewhere in the vicinity of 3500-4000 people attending, which should certainly be considered a success. 23 more words