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Adding tables of static data to an SSDT project

Quite often when creating a database you will need tables of static data.  These range from simple lookups to date dimensions in a data warehouse.  You can easily create these in an SSDT project. 231 more words


Adding database references to a sql server project

If you are creating a sql server project with SSDT (see here) and your sql refers to another database you will need to add a database reference to allow the project to build. 418 more words


Pass parameters from TeamCity to nuspec files

Aim: Pass parameters from TeamCity to nuspec files in order to set the solution configuration from TeamCity.

In TeamCity, create a new system parameter in the Parameters page of project. 266 more words


"SQL71508: The model already has an element that has the same name" error when building SSDT solution

I recently came across this error when attempting to build an SSDT solution that had been handed over to me by another developer. The database references within the solution were quite complicated for a couple of reasons: 351 more words


Speed up TDD in SSDT (and other acronymns)

tldr: I have written a free vs package to deploy files quickly from SSDT to sql server, to speed up the red-green tdd cycle.

I find that writing code for sql server using TDD can be a little frustrating, the process I have is that I use SSDT to manage and deploy database projects including tests written using tSQLt, using the standard red-green cycle:

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SQL 2014, where is my BIDS?

Today I stumbled upon this post by Koen Verbeeck:

Oh wait sorry, I meant SSDT. Or was it SSDTBI? To avoid confusion about the developer tool to create BI solutions, Microsoft has changed its name a few times.

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SSDT - Using Publishing Profiles and TeamCity integration

Using SSDT you can immediately publish a fresh database or update an existing one by simply right clicking the database project and choosing ‘Publish’. This will bring up a dialog that lets you edit the connection string to your database and set various options related to the publish. 373 more words