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Howto mount a remote directory over ssh on Linux

sshfs is a filesystem client based on ssh, with a FUSE implementation.

$ sudo apt-get install sshfs | sudo yum install sshfs (EPEL)
$ sudo usermod -a -G fuse <user_name>

(mount remote directory, asking for user and password)
$ sshfs my_user@remote_host:/path/to/directory <local_mount_point>
$ fusermount -u <local_mount_point>

(mount on boot)
$ cat /etc/fstab
sshfs#my_user@remote_host:/path/to/directory <local_mount_point> fuse user 0 0
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Mobile internet IP address craziness - fun with Single Packet Authorization

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Remote Access

The purpose of the remote access is to allow the remote control and/or data transfer between networked computers.In this project the communication protocol that will be used is referred to as SSH.   239 more words

SSH | How to disable host key checking

Use ssh with -o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no


putty 글꼴 색 설정


버퍼크기 변경 – 명령어를 실행했을때 화면상에 보여지는 줄의 수

폰트 변경 – 나눔코딩글꼴을 선택 / 안티앨리어싱 선택 / 창틀 간격 20~30

문자 인코딩 – UTF-8 선택

기본 글자색 변경 – 원하는 색으로 변경

저장하기 – 접속정보 / 세션이름을 설정하고 저장한다.

PowerShell SSH Module for Nonstandard Devices Like Cisco ASA

So I needed to automate some configuration tasks on a Cisco ASA firewall, and thought it will be an easy task since it has an SSH interface. 574 more words

System Center

Creating ERPNext on AWS & configuration

Log into the Amazon Web Service, and click EC2 under Compute & Networking.

On EC2 Dashboard, click on Launch Instance

Select “Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS (PV)” for AMI… 430 more words