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Hibernate not giving any error

I added the following method to one of my application entity.

public boolean isSame(TaskUser taskUser){
        //same work

However I came across many threads regarding hibernate errors for such kind of methods used without… 51 more words

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Installing Nested ESXi VM Tools

Ensure SSH / Port 22 is open and the Services are started as per previous post Enabling SSH

Download the relevant VIB File from the Flings Website here: 168 more words


Remove sensitive data

Click to Read: Some day you or a collaborator may accidentally commit sensitive data, such as a password or SSH key, into a Git repository. 54 more words


Enabling SSH for ESXi Servers

Quick guide to enabling SSH on an ESXi Server

Navigate to the ESXi Server in vCenter and select the Configuration Tab and then Security Profile… 62 more words


Add ssh keys for a user in Linux

  • Create a new user: useradd tstusr
  • Generate key pair using Puttygen and save private and public keys.
  • Create a file under /tmp directory such as /tmp/tstusr_public.key and paste the contents under Putty Key Generator windows under “Public key for pasting into OpenSSH authorized_keys” into /tmp/tstusr_public.key…
  • 67 more words

There isn’t a (Mac) App for that? Create one!

Quite a while ago I wrote about Automator. That post dealt primarily with automation. Today we’ll take another look at this mighty tool, but with a (little) bit different focus. 324 more words