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DBA SQL SERVER 20012/2014 מנוסה לחברה מובילה במרכז

Position: DBA SQL SERVER 20012/2014 מנוסה לחברה מובילה במרכז

Company: CPS

Location: Tel-Aviv


DBA מובילה שיצטרף לצוות ה DB בארגון. 4 שנות ניסיון כ DBA כולל ניסיון מוכח ב MS SQL 2012 ניסיון מוכח ב Performance Tuning ,Query Optimization and troubleshooting ניסיון מוכח בפן התשתיתי הכולל תחזוקה, גיבויים, שחזורי DB עבודה בסביבת real time ניסוין ב SSIS, OLAP ידע בדברים הבאים יהווה יתרון: MS SQL 2014, MS OLAP, mysql

Contact: vered@cps.co.il

The external metadata column collection is out of synchronization with the data source columns.

One of my SQL Job failed with Error and the failure was due to an issue with SSIS Package.

There are multiple reasons when this error occurs but I just share the approach and one of the examples: 97 more words


#SAP, Breaking Data, and Re-enabling #SQLServer Database Referential Integrity Constraints #Microsoft #FTW

Many times as Data professionals we no longer have full control over the quality of data in the source systems. I am discussing SAP in my example, but I could have easily mentioned PeopleSoft, SalesForce, or a number of other purchased solutions. 1,460 more words

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DBA SQL Server + Oracle

Position: DBA SQL Server + Oracle

Company: Valinor

Location: Petach-Tikva


לחברת ואלינור – המובילה בתחום בסיסי הנתונים ו-BI דרוש/ה:
DBA SQL SERVER+ORACLE לתפקיד יעוץ מעניין, מאתגר ודינאמי. 17 more words

Speaking on ETL Security

I will be giving a presentation on ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) security at two user groups in the coming weeks.

Securing the ETL Pipeline

We’re going to look at typical ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) pipelines and consider the weak points an attacker might go after. 109 more words


Change Scope of Variable in SSIS

Today, i was asked by one of my colleague about how to change the scope of a variable declared in SSIS package. The problem was: there is a user defined variable already being used in the package and it was defined with package scope i.e. 271 more words

Microsoft SQL Server

SSIS Package deployment using DTUTIL command

SSIS packages can be deployed on server in various ways. One of the less known but useful approach is to deploy package using DTUTIL command. DTUTIL command can be used to deploy package to File System or Sql Server. 230 more words