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How to move data from Excel to SQL Server2008- Act 1 Scene 1

So, I have undertaken a massive BIG project in Educational Data Mining which the first step is data collection. After collecting the data and most of it is in excel format. 608 more words

Educational Data Mining

To Automate or Not? – The Pros and Cons of Data Warehouse Automation

I have been thinking about data warehouse automation for at least 2 years now. That’s just a long enough time for me to see the pros and cons, examine the state of affairs, consider the consequences of both camps and lastly consider my reaction to those consequences. 1,865 more words


BIML II – Extracting Database Tables to Text Files

In this post we look at the Biml required to generate a SSIS package that copies data from a table to a flat file (that is, a text file output). 1,345 more words


Using WMI Data Reader Task


Today I am going to talk about the usage of WMI Data Reader Task in the Control Flow of the Sql Server Integration Services Interface. 834 more words

Sql Server

Integrate SQL Server 2012 Database to CRM 2013 with SSIS

I have helped many clients to import data from the database with tens of thousands of records to CRM 2013 with SSIS. It is handy to use SSIS, when you have a large file or the database to import; or when you have to run a job on a schedule to import or export for external use. 1,065 more words

CRM 2013

SSIS unable to bulk copy data you may need to run this package as administrator

I have started on a project work. One of the preliminary tasks is to extract data from excel tables and populate them into SQL Server Tables.  231 more words


BIML I - Getting Started with BIML

Traditional SSIS development requires the ETL developer to create a package and then manually add and configure tasks. While this method of visual development is fine, it suffers from reproducibility and maintenance overhead. 1,845 more words