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Top 10 SSIS Performance Best Practices

The SQL CAT team has loads of experience in loading large volumes of data using SQL Server Integration Services. Thanks to the team for putting… 181 more words


More Reasons to Adopt Biml

SSIS packages aren’t backwards compatible – that means if you start building packages targeting SQL Server 2012 and then find out you need to also support and earlier version (like what happened to me this week), you will need to start over. 451 more words

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Quickly remove invalid XML characters! (Dimension Processing Error: Illegal XML Character)

Recently I was using the Dimension Processing task inside of SSIS to perform a process add to one of my dimensions. I then found out that I had some bad data, more specifically, I had some invalid XML characters in my source data and this was causing the dimension processing task to fail. 223 more words


Import data from Multiple Excel into SQL SERVER Database TABLE

First we will generate a Sample Table on SQL SERVER.

here our destination table is PERSON.

We have 5 excel files named (file1,file2,file3,file4,file5)

each file has 3 records with incrementing ID’s, so in total we have 15 records, 3 in each file. 356 more words

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Fun with SSIS and {GUID’s}

This blog post saved me from many bruises to my forehead from banging it on my desk.


Handling uniqueidentifier data types in SSIS is not as intuitive as it may seem. 6 more words

BIML - Passing Variables to Child Packages

A project I’ve been working on recently has consisted of lots of little packages which are called from a single coordinating package. I started off developing against SQL Server 2012, and thankfully used BIML to generate all my packages. 619 more words

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Task Factory Null Handler Transform

Sooner or later when working with SSIS you will run into NULL or Blank values in your data. In some situations they might be valid but you might also have some business rules that don’t allow it either. 371 more words

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