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WAMP Server Icon is Orange

Hey folks, today I’m going to share with you how I got my Apache server back online. Let’s begin…

First think I notice that my Apache server was offline because the WAMP icon was set to orange which usually means that I have an application like IIS, or Skye that’s running on port 80. 119 more words


Configuring Available Memory for SQL Server Reporting Services

If you need to configure the amount of memory available to an instance of SSRS you have to get your hands dirty and edit the RsReportServer.config file. 299 more words

SSRS Chrw function

Today I was opening some old reports that other people had written and they had used a lot of references to the chrw function but as the report didnt compile, I had no idea what they were. 48 more words


How to Show Map In the SSRS Report

We can show map in the SSRS report, this will introduce you to the basic concepts involved in map reports and then take you through some of the common scenarios involved while building map reports. 383 more words


Get SSRS Tablix headers to repeat on each page

This approach worked for me (from https://stackoverflow.com/questions/11285923/tablix-repeat-header-rows-on-each-page-not-working-report-builder-3-0):

  1. Open Advanced Mode in the Groupings pane. (Click the arrow to the right of the Column Groups and select Advanced Mode.)
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Repeat Headers

Cost Driver's Dashboard for a Supply Chain Executive:


Profitability equals revenue minus costs – To that end, A supply chain executive is mostly focused on optimizing cost elements to drive profitability. Here’s a mock up of a dashboard created for an executive to help him keep an eye on the overall health while making sure he gets alerted for key cost categories. 26 more words

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Creating a Reporting Services Subscription

Subscriptions are a great feature in Reporting Services that will run a report unattended and deliver it to users either by email or Windows File Share. 782 more words