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George and Marian Kerby - New York City, NY

George and Marian Kerby are two happy-go-lucky ghosts featured on the CBS fantasy comedy TOPPER (1953-55).

Geore and Marian (Robert Sterling & Anne Jeffreys) are married and to celebrate their fifth anniversary they travel to Europe on vacation. 251 more words


St Cindy von Beethoven

(as the kiddies playing soccer at the sports grounds have re-named her). 22 more words

Lofty speeches

I was being far too clever for my boots and knew that the guillotine was quivering above my head. Yes, I was stubborn. Who amongst you would admit to being so scared to sit down and write that you could barely contemplate the thought? 232 more words


speed is relative

Meet Norm.  He is a St. Bernard.  When he lumbers into a room, he goes wherever he wants to go.

Most of the time Norm moves very slowly.   388 more words

Daily Journal

Feline Friday: Scary cat stories!

This year Ember is going to be a St. Bernard for Halloween. Inkblot… will be grumpy. As usual.

“It was a dark and stormy night…” Ember started her story only to be abruptly interrupted. 169 more words


All Saints Day

When we think about saints, we usually think of Mary, the mother of Jesus, apostles like Peter and Paul, or extraordinary individuals like Mother Teresa. True friends of God. 361 more words