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Bread and Circuses

Curmudgeonly cove that I am, I remain unmoved by the giant puppets being pulled through the city centre. We are told it is “part of the narrative” of the outbreak of World War 1. 331 more words

What's Up With St. Helen's?

While wandering around King St. West recently, I noticed for the first time that it’s possible to access the rear lawn of St. Helen’s, the house at 440 King St. 1,457 more words

19th Century


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The landscape near Mt. St. Helens is heavily scarred by the lava/mud flows from 34 years ago but signs of rebirth are all around.The tenacity of nature will always impress me. 44 more words


Upcoming event - Mill Street Barracks Overnight Ghost Hunt, St Helens

Throughout the latter half of the 20th century Mill Street Barracks became infamous as a site of significant paranormal activity. Given it’s history as a morgue during several wars, its links to the nearby churches and nunnery, and its former caretakers, the Barracks has a wealth of links with those who have passed over. 205 more words





I sit in my chair

with my headphones on

and the sound off.

The world is soft outside my ears,

the gentle brush of skin on synthetics; 105 more words


Our Daily Bread 087: The Bordellos


The Bordellos   ‘Will.I.Am, You’re Really Nothing’   (Small Bear Records)   Released  31st May 2014

“If you don’t believe in rock’n’roll,  you don’t believe in life!” 615 more words

Small Bear Records

Credit where Credit is Due ...

Never let it be said that our local civic leaders are slow coming forward – at least, where it involves taking credit.  When there are problems, there are substitutes to take the flack.  324 more words