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Long Overdue: Birthday in St. Maarten and Anguilla

I celebrated my birthday (in October) in Sunny Sint Maarten and took a day trip over to Anguilla and I will say both islands are amazing. 155 more words


Maho Beach in St Maarten

Maho Beach in St Maarten, where the planes fly right over your head and blast you away as they take off. :)


11 November - day of the crazy, St Maarten or just an ordinary NZ day when good things can happen

On the 11th of November in NZ Armistice Day is celebrated, the end of WW1, a great contrast to what the day means in the Netherlands. 240 more words


Sint Maarten 1.0

If it weren’t for the festivities, what would the autumn be like? Wet, sad and dreary with the occasional leaf or two putting a bit of yellowish red in the picture. 178 more words


Public Transportation vs. Public "Transportati-shit"

The public transportation here in Mississauga is amazing! Miway, I love you… I really do. You’re always there for me when I need you, I get to ride you for free, and you drop me right outside my house… what’s not to love?! 385 more words


All these options!

I’ve always dreamt of living in a place that had fun things to do. Now I know you’re probably thinking, “Alyssa! You’re from the Caribbean, stop complaining and just go to the beach! 386 more words