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Darn Leprechauns

One of the things that really annoys me about living in Ireland is all the feckin’ fairy folk.  Anyone would think they owned the place the way they take over at times.   497 more words


St Patrick: Slave of Christ

There are many instances in Patrick’s Confession that suggest that he came to understand the meaning and trajectory of his life through the life of the apostle Paul. 730 more words


The Missional St Patrick

What did Patrick see as the Biblical rationale for his missionary outreach?

In  section 40 of the Confession it is outlined with precision.  The “Great Commission” verses that we might expect are uppermost (Matt 28 and Mark 16), but it can be fairly argued that very few people ever took these verses so much to heart, nor followed them with such literal obedience. 448 more words


"Those who believe in and have reverence for God..."

St Patrick concludes his Confession with a characteristic statement of modesty –but with a twist.

I pray for those who believe in and have reverence for God. 573 more words


By way of Introduction

Croagh Patrick, Co,Mayo

“Spirituality” is a huge buzz-word. Some find a value, a meaning for their lives which  sustains them. Others try on “spiritualitie”s like new clothes, and abandon them when they become tired of them, or treat their whole spiritual search like the pick & mix counter of a candy store. 553 more words


"That is why I must shout aloud..."

“The arrogance of man will be brought low and human pride humbled; the LORD alone will be exalted in that day.”  Isaiah 2:17  underscores the characteristic strain that we read in the… 458 more words


Why use the title "Confession"?

In the context of St Patrick’s thought-world, the Latin term “Confessio” would be understood in three basic ways  — confessio peccatorum (confession of sins), confessio fidei  399 more words