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I live in an eventful city.

Pittsburgh is a very cultured city. They are constantly having different events for the different types of cultures throughout the year and other annual events. 250 more words


Time to End the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the Al Smith Dinner?

Monsignor Charles Pope say they should end the St. Patrick’s Day parade in New York City…..just end it.


“…the St. Patrick’s Parade is becoming of parade of disorder… 177 more words

Homosexuality And Related Topics

The attack on Michael Voris

“And the church more or less shrugs and say, “Look, we don’t take our agenda from the polls. We don’t take our agenda from what the world is saying.

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Hooray! Gays Can March in St. Pat's Parade for First Time

The St. Patrick’s Day parade next year will be unlike any other in New York’s history, which is saying something for an institution that is older than the republic itself. 381 more words


Retroactively spiked: The post-publication killing of Msgr. Charles Pope's blog post on New York City's St. Patrick’s Day Parade

In the old days, publishers and newspaper owners would from time to time “kill” a writer’s column before publication. Despite their ballyhoo and blather about freedom of the press, publishers and newspaper proprietors are almost universally in my long experience with them a timid lot, if not outright moral cowards at times, always afraid of offending someone. 1,263 more words