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Thus Time Flowed (Short Story) - Nicholas Mayer

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Sincerity is a difficult concept in various art mediums, that is, the degree to which it should be used. Questioning it myself, I decided to see just how far I could go. 681 more words

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Restaurant Review: Barbecoa

Perhaps most renowned for his rapid take upon classic meals, prepared and presented with extreme simplicity, constricted to a budget of time and money: Jamie Oliver has become a household name over the past fifteen years, as well as one of the globe’s most celebrated celebrity chefs. 287 more words

The London Economic

There is an immense quantity of things I have to say. Walking through London or just sitting behind a floral-patterned curtain behind glass poorly sheltering me from the road’s rumble, ideas accumulate in my brain but in living which is not stagnant mentally or physically often there is not enough time to record life. 509 more words


St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral is a dominant feature on London’s skyline. There are also lines of sight at ground level as you approach the Cathedral from a number of directions. 293 more words


when I was wearing nothing but the playful words

1560 feeling. people yelling on the street hey miss hey may I see your hands what’s your name ah well now diana are you ready to be amazed? 81 more words

What Am I Doing?

sketching wrens' city...part two

The Wren sketchcrawl continued… we had a lot of sketchers from all over on this sketchcrawl, and after finishing St. Stephen Walbrook I bumped into international-travelling urban sketcher Sue Pownall, and we walked over to St. 1,308 more words


lovelondonscenes - 67

The City from the Tate Modern. Two Saturdays ago, when we saw the Malevich exhibition.

First up the Cheese Grater and Walkie Talkie. The Gherkin is obscured from this angle by the Cheese Grater. 19 more words