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Last stand for the infamous Barwick Five

The clock is ticking down on the term of what many ratepayers have deemed the most ineffectual council in recent memory.
That may be an overly harsh evaluation — one only has to look at the two councils in power during the lengthy and feisty new arena debate a decade ago — however there is little doubt the individuals who became known as the Barwick Five were no crowd favourites, with the exception of… 906 more words

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Voters hung up on robocalls, now it's time to dial in on issues.

In a municipal election campaign that deeply divided the city, it would be fair to say most residents do agree on one thing — thank goodness the damn thing is over with. 864 more words

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Time for good ideas, not absurd promises

Prior to the 2003 municipal vote, this corner checked in with the author of a citizen’s guide to electing better public officials who encouraged voters to maximize the impact of their decision when they cast ballots. 879 more words

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There's no video to see here people, so just move along

Last week in this corner we tabelled the first of a two-part thumbnail summary of each aldermanic candidate’s presentation at a meeting held Oct. 1 at the Knights of Columbus Hall. 887 more words

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'We need a team of eight people with vision' - aldermanic candidate Joan Rymal

Joan Rymal forwarded these thoughts for consideration as the Oct. 27 municipal election approaches . . .

“We have the money. Can we find a team of 8 people with vision to positively promote St.Thomas and make informed decisions with all the facts? 341 more words

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