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Cheers to the Bars

Dearest Mickey,

More so than even college, the Caribbean is a drinking culture. The first impression presents these bar flies as alcoholics-in-denial. But everyone has their vices, and it just so happens the popular one here is beer and liquor. 41 more words

Alyssandra Barnes

A Flash back in Time

Dearest Mickey,

As a natural part of growing up there, we take for granted all that the U.S. had to offer. But the Caribbean is like I’ve gone back in time. 62 more words

Alyssandra Barnes

The Adventure of Sailing

Dearest Mickey,

Can you believe that I’m a 2nd mate? Lately I’ve been working on a 69-foot Schooner modeled after boats in the 1900s. Everything is manual, and raising the three sails is actually quite challenging. 28 more words

Alyssandra Barnes



The universe has helped, and I have found a place. This means I will be leaving island X, and going into the unknown. Well, I mean I know it, just not the adult it. 102 more words


Funny Bits

Your world will be
a clear
My little river
I will run by
the plastic
spells that my
parents love me so much
with shocking black… 39 more words

The Roof Has Arrived

The roof has arrived on island! ¬†Here it is sitting at the port in St. Thomas, and it’ll be brought over to the site today. ¬†Word to the wise, do not ship Crowley to St. 141 more words

St. John

1873: St Thomas' Catholic Church, Drysdale, Victoria.

The original St Thomas Catholic Church in Drysdale was built in 1855 to the designs of architect Richard Abraham Dowden (1829-1868).

It was constructed by Simmie & Mclachlan… 1,272 more words