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On Sunday 7th December, 2014, I was told about the unfortunate Clare Valley accident that resulted in the death and injury of individuals attending a political meeting. 109 more words

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St Vincent and the Grenadines Sees Decline in Visitor Arrivals

St Vincent and the Grenadines is seeing a decline in tourism arrivals in 2014, according to new data from the Caribbean Tourism Organization.

The archipelago’s arrivals were down 2.5 percent year-over-year through the end of August, 105 more words

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Realizing Your Path to a Life of National Service

By: Jamal Browne

It is a basic principle in life that our mindsets or perspectives can make or break us – a truth that most of us (if not all of us) can allude to. 216 more words

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Soufrière Saint Vincent

When I watched this video, I thought, okay, laid-back Caribbean people living around a volcano that they know pretty well…

…then I saw this, toward the end of the video: 414 more words

Sunday Morning Volcano

The dark side of sunny St Vincent and the Grenadines

Sabrina was 7 when her stepfather raped her. She was in high school when a boy she had turned down threatened to kill her. In her early 20s, she caught a man crawling through her bedroom window — the same neighbour who tried to rape her years earlier. 1,098 more words


International Education Week 2014: What Was Your “Aha” Teaching Moment?

This International Education Week, we talked with returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) teachers and asked them to describe an aha moment or realization during service that affected their decision to become a teacher. 978 more words


Living under the volcano

What is it like to live through a volcanic eruption? What happened to the place you call home? And how did the experience affect you, your family and friends, and everyone else in the neighbourhood? 83 more words