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No way but up from here

What I love about stadiums is how empowering they are. Your muscles are on fire as you’re powering up those steps and wow do you feel that burn, but you are on a mission to get to the top. 87 more words


A bigger boat for Chelsea will be a PR coup for Abramovich

Doubtless there will be some protests, perhaps even the odd banner, but if the man from Saratov wishes it, there will be little that the fans can do about it – Chelsea will temporarily move from their ancestral home of Stamford Bridge while they pull it apart and rebuild it. 688 more words

English Football

A Baseball Fan Memoir Chapter 4 - New Places, New Faces

I spent the 50’s in New York’s iconic and since demolished ballparks. The 60’s were all about Shea. And I started the 70’s drinking beer with my buddies at the “Mistake by the Lake.” 1,087 more words


Five Questions

I’ll tell you what/ I’m somewhat confused/ But I think a lot/ And am easily bemused/ By what I have read /Or on TV have viewed/ 118 more words

My Omnibus Theory on the Chivas USA situation

Note to readers: This is theory and conjecture. I have not heard this from sources but I sincerely believe it to be true. Got it? Good. 1,062 more words

Major League Soccer


It is strange to think that every person in the world, all seven billion of us, are related. We all originate from the same ancestors. My friend told me that he heard of someone who had a party in which he invited every one of his relatives. 611 more words

To get ahead in soccer, try building an enormous stadium

The English football club Chelsea has begun talks to move to the home of English rugby temporarily as it seeks to redevelop its own stadium. It is not the first time that Chelsea has tried to move or redevelop its ground, and it is just one of several teams in the English Premier League trying to find bigger homes at the moment.  705 more words