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Getting the News

It’s been months since we first received the news that my husband had cancer.  Up until now it was just too hard to relive those initial days but for the benefit of those who don’t know how it happened – here is our story. 673 more words


Initial prototypes

Having mapped in detail all the content we want to include within our book, the content we feel is necessary to tell the narrative, we moved towards making prototypes of the physical book. 108 more words

Set Brief 1: Filmic Book

Choosing our narrative.

I have to say this was a pretty tedious task, necessary but tedious. Having already watched the film a few times and read through the script a number of times we had a pretty good idea of some of the quotes we wanted to include. 779 more words

Set Brief 1: Filmic Book

Experimental Formats

This book by Roger Fawcett-Tang has likely been the most useful in terms of research for ideas about using the physical format of books/print materials. As Sydney and I want to use the… 92 more words

Set Brief 1: Filmic Book

Initial Thoughts

Whilst mapping the film out, I found my focus was drawn to the constant tension between the eery music and silence; the soundtrack comes into play whenever the Amy and Nick story is being told, through Amy’s flashbacks in her diary and when Amy’s mastermind plan is in action. 694 more words

Set Brief 1: Filmic Book

Interview with David Fincher

Came across this interview with David Fincher today; I have to say I feel like I already know this film inside and out, however listening to Fincher talk in depth is surprisingly insightful and interesting. 9 more words

Set Brief 1: Filmic Book

The Script

We managed to find the Final Shooting Script for Gone Girl; actually on the Fox website. This has been incredibly helpful, as it has allowed me to watch the film whilst simultaneously reading, which definitely focused me on the details more. 832 more words

Set Brief 1: Filmic Book