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Planning and Exploring ideas

I touched on the conventions of the picture book genre and already alerted of my intention of breading some of these rules.

In a nutshell, I am exploring the idea of having a double sided book that will tell the same story from each character’s point of view and the resolution in the middle of the book!   587 more words


Final Project: As many styles as books!

So far, I have looked at Maurice Sendak and Oliver Jeffers and definitely got a sense there is more to picture books than meet the eye. 917 more words


“Cancer seems a high price to pay for an innocuous-looking habit. You get into smoking and you are robbed of the last 25 years of your life. 681 more words

Seymour Chwast - Dante's 'Divine Comedy'

This is a modern interpretation of Dante’s inferno that the artist has attempting to portray in his own style. This interpretation may be aimed towards a younger generation that may not necessarily be interested in the story , however the way he has made the book with a simple style and almost comic nature, could appeal to that generation of people. 169 more words

Stage 3

Starting Tests

Daddy slept pretty well and woke up in an ok place – I got him to try some of the low-acid coffee I had purchased at Trader Joes and he seemed to like it. 531 more words

Checking Out

The next morning was the first oncologist appointment for my dad.  We were encouraged by how he seemed to be feeling better. He still wasn’t eating much but as those two days in the hospital progressed it looked as if he was getting stronger.   890 more words

The Tawny Tragedy

A mysterious death of a local tawny frogmouth, police involved, a list of witnesses and some crime scene investigations to begin! Yesterday, the extremely talented students of Toongabbie West PS solved the mystery. 46 more words