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Choices (2)

In my previous entry (Choices), I spoke about how I was struggling to deal with how positive my Mum was whilst facing a limited life span. 776 more words

Losing My Mum

There's good here, too.

As you all know, the focus of my life lately has been my dad’s cancer diagnosis. For the first month or so after learning the extent of my dad’s cancer, a lot of amazing things were happening here in Denver. 391 more words


lost thoughts

I think, maybe, for the first time in my entire life I’m experiencing the ability to take a step back and really look at it. For the first time my priorities are not just based on moving forward and creating the best life I can for myself, but also experiencing life and love and creating memories that are real. 393 more words


Facing Reality Part 2

I’m the type of person who is always preparing for the worst. I do it about everything. No, I’m not constantly worried or frazzled, but deep down in my mind I always have three back up plans, two escape plans and the ability to not be surprised. 347 more words


Facing reality.

Everyone says now is the time I really should be focusing on my writing.

This is a “proper outlet” for my feelings.

“Oh, the beauty you could create with your words and feelings”. 832 more words