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I Absolutely Hate This

There just aren’t enough words in the English language to properly express how much I hate cancer. This disease is cowardly. It doesn’t care how old you are or if you have children or even if you… 457 more words

Check This Out

My friend Greg’s take on the bad luck article: Randomness

Faith vs. Works?

If we are saved by grace and can’t earn it through works, why does James say faith without works is dead? Soooo confusing, right? Not necessarily. 389 more words

Youtube: Initial D Stage 4 Opening Theme: Dogfight by MOVE

Last post for today. I will share a song from the anime Initial D Stage 4 Opening Theme: Dogfight by MOVE, enjoy and see you tomorrow. 7 more words


Can There Really Be No Fear In Death?

Prognosis: An expert in his or her field telling you how long you likely have to live based on his or her findings/research/expertise/experience.

That’s just my definition, not Webster’s, but I think it’s pretty on point. 635 more words

If I Was A Rich Girl...

As some of you know, Eric and I were given an astoundingly generous gift of a weekend away at a super swanky resort in Maryland. The place was beautiful, the food was… 702 more words

Normal Life

We are into the third week of Cycle 1.  Cycle 2 will kick off next week.  I’ve enjoyed daily conversations with my Mom during this cycle, usually on the drive home; sometimes we talk for a long time, and other days the conversations are brief, but they’ve been good. 340 more words