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What Do You Believe?

Cancer can give you such an interesting perspective. Nothing will ever look the same to me again. It really is quite similar to being born again in the way of everything looking different. 808 more words


As some of you may know, I went and saw my oncologist this past Tuesday and got another treatment of the pd-1 drug (Keytruda, mk-3475, whatever you want to call it!). 921 more words

So...What Do I Do Now?

The truth is, I’ve been putting off this post for almost a week now. And while I typically like to be upbeat and try to be somewhat humorous, I’m not thinking this post will go there. 1,784 more words

Hodgkin lymfoom.....stories untold

So last Friday I received a message from my mother whom I haven’t spoke to in 4 and a half  year. (For grounded reasons!)
She started with how awful she feels that we are on non speaking terms and that she thinks about me a lot and misses me much… 657 more words

Stage 4 Breast Cancer from Indonesia

Dear Dr. Chris Teo,

Selamat malam Dr. Chris.

On May 2013 my wife, 44 years old, found benign on her left breast. She consumed traditional herb for treatment but the condition became worse. 165 more words

Breast Cancer

Game Changer

The results are in and here is where I really am at a loss for words. Since I still have not processed this news fully, I’ll just give it to you how I got it. 308 more words

The Struggle is Real

Scanxiety. It’s the anxiety one feels when they know they have an upcoming test or scan, or even worse in my opinion, waiting for results. Waiting for test results is the most excruciating, claustrophobic, helpless feeling. 984 more words