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A Miracle?

This morning was really…something. As we got situated in our seats at church for first service, I began having severe pain in my left lung. I’ve had some lung pain due to lymph nodes that were inflamed with cancer, but this felt different. 365 more words

Longing For What I Can't Have

This coming Friday, October 24th, will mark a year since my life was changed forever. A year since my diagnosis. A year since my whole life as I knew it was taken from me, never again to be returned. 969 more words

What Is Wrong With The Church Today??

Short answer: us.

I tend to look at facebook as a huge social experiment, which essentially it is. Nothing can bring us together faster, or divide us faster. 1,816 more words

Finally Back!

Ahh, it feels good to be back to blogging after having to take quite a break due to illness. Whatever has been going around like wildfire, I definitely caught and it took me a very long time to feel back to “normal”, whatever that is. 405 more words

The Conversation

I’ve come to realize that there are certain conversations that are almost universal for cancer patients.  Just like the emotional stages one goes through, shock, anger, denial, acceptance – there are conversations that support each of those stages that must be remarkably similar.  669 more words


Why I Quit FB

I quit FB twice already, but there will not be a third time. This time, I quit, I am gone, I mean it, and I am not coming back! 666 more words

No Way to Make this Right

I still have this infantile desire for things to be right, for a simple justice that makes sense.

We go on living everyday like it’s our right, and how dare things change in any way that discomforts us… that shakes things up? 447 more words