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It's the Cracks That Let the Light In

I remember a few years ago, our son would occasionally have night terrors and it was so scary to see him fighting and screaming and crying so hard and the desperation that I felt realizing that I wasn’t able to comfort him. 562 more words

I've got cancer - now what?

Three weeks ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma. I am 42, young,  strong and healthy.  The reality of my situation is only starting to creep in. 219 more words

What if this was your last Christmas?

I wrote a piece at work about Christmas and appreciating family and friends.

I touched on the subject of people living with cancer this Christmas and how for some it will be their last Christmas with their families. 276 more words

Why I'm Not Religious

I will put this as simply as I can: I am not religious. In fact, when I’m called “religious”, it’s like nails on a chalkboard to me, I stop immediately in my tracks as if I’ve just received the worst insult in the world, and I think “Is that really what you think of me??” Yes, I go to church. 534 more words

Life Has Killed the Dream I Dreamed...

As I sat and listened to my 4 year old tell me all of the things he wants to do when he’s older (list includes but is not limited to: fireman, train engineer, hunter, electrician…) I had to smile to myself because I thought about what my dream was growing up: I was going to be a marine biologist! 659 more words

Colour moods and themes

I noticed that this exercise is subjective to the day, time and emotions on the day. Looking back I could easily swap the “passive” blues for the “happy” corn field, especially if I am near water. 198 more words


Glitter and Grace

I’m so happy to be here sweeping my kitchen floor for the 3rd time, trying to get all of the glitter remnants up from yesterday’s arts and crafts time with the kids. 346 more words