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Fantastic News! (Finally!)

Spoke with my oncologist today and it seems that my MRI looks not just good but great! Not only are there no new tumors, the one I had is shrinking and breaking up!! 200 more words

The Fear

Here we go again! We just came home from a super fun week at the beach, which besides a few aches and pains, a few times of feeling not-so-great, and a random seizure Saturday afternoon, was pretty much cancer free. 547 more words

Still Holding

I guess today’s WHC sp rise made me happy to write again.

Well, I should have sold WHC between 1.7 -1.8 long time ago , to cut the losses. 244 more words


Radiation is Done

My dad finished his 36 rounds (7-weeks) of radiation on Wednesday, June 25.  He felt well the first couple of weeks, and got really sick around weeks 3 and 4.  133 more words

And the roller coaster continues..

I’ve had a couple of you wonderful people, ask me how things are going since I’ve been somewhat absent from blogging. So I thought I’d give an update. 1,012 more words

There's Hope!

I can’t stop thinking about hope these days. The concept of it in general and how we can place our hope in so many different things. 823 more words

Blessings & Curses

Cancer has been both a both a blessing and a curse. Strange as that blessing part may sound, it’s true. At least it’s true for me. 658 more words