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Getting the News

It’s been months since we first received the news that my husband had cancer.  Up until now it was just too hard to relive those initial days but for the benefit of those who don’t know how it happened – here is our story. 673 more words


My Father has Cancer, But Cancer does NOT have my Father.

My heart is so heavy as I right this. Honestly, my world has been flipped upside down since Monday when we found out my father does, in fact, have cancer. 1,453 more words


I Just Like NED, NED Is My Favorite

I’ll make this short and sweet (and sweet it is!!), heard from my oncologist today that my scan showed no uptake that was indicative of cancer. 269 more words

Happy Early Holidays!

My Scans came black clean!  I’m still dancing with NED!  I can’t even begin to tell you how blessed I feel today!  I was seriously worried!   83 more words

Another Day, Another Scan

The life of a cancer patient is often riddled with tests and scans in between normal visits and treatments, and I’m certainly no different. We are headed to Penn today for a PET scan. 579 more words

Letter: Time to take action on colon cancer

Re: Sens’ Murray soldiers on, Nov. 15.

My husband, who was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 62, fit the very same profile as Ottawa Senators general manager Bryan Murray — no family history, no colonoscopies ever, and the only symptom being occasional indigestion. 185 more words

Ottawa Senators

Quick Thought for a Sunday Morning

If you’re going to church today, don’t do it out of duty or as just another thing to check off your list. Let God in, let Him change you. 90 more words