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Cabin Fever

I’ve been depressed lately. It’s a combination of a lot of things: being in pain, recovering from surgeries, not feeling well enough to leave the house, not having enough money to take care of my financial obligations. 556 more words


More chemo!

I almost want to laugh at the misfortune of it. Having suffered through 8 agonizing chemo treatments; I was just told I will need more chemo. 240 more words


Diagnosis: In Fifty Words

“Ali’s sick? Did you hear?”

“It’s just a rumor. She’d have called if it were true.”

“Well, I’m calling her to find out, just to be clear!” 49 more words

There is a child in all of us

The little boy looks up with his big brown eyes, fearful of what may lay ahead of him. The darkness of the night has already fallen meaning the time to be alone has yet set upon his scared little body. 594 more words

300 Salads


It’s been a little over a week since my mastectomy. Every day I feel a little better. I still can’t lift my arms above my head yet but I try every day and I get closer and closer. 70 more words

Breast Cancer

Good News!

My labs from yesterday came back.  One month on Zoladex and Femara and my tumor marker has dropped to 110!  Adjusting to the new treatment plan was hard, but so worth it!   12 more words

The Plan

My dad’s 90-day PSA showed no change from the 30-day level.  He’s still at .01, which is obviously good news.  His case went to the tumor board on Tuesday of this week and they recommended a year of hormone therapy and radiation.  9 more words