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My heart hurts right now so deeply for some of the things my friends are facing, and as I pray fervently for these situations, I sometimes feel helpless. 436 more words

I Don't Wanna!! :(

Today is a chemo day, and as I lay here in bed and contemplate getting up and getting ready to go to Philly, all I keep thinking is, “I don’t wanna!!” Like full-on two year old temper tantrum style, complete with tears and stomping. 464 more words

“Cancer Mom”

From time to time, I will share another persons post that moves me. Blogging allows this with the re-post option. This is a re-post from Kim, a cancer mom. 47 more words

"Cancer Mom"

So things have been pretty crazy here! I just made my TV debut and I’m pretty famous now, so not sure how often I’ll get to blog since I’m a celeb. 617 more words

Stage 4 - Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah

Stage 4 proved to be a fire-breathing dragon of a ride for the pack competing in the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah. The trail followed a route from Ogden to Powder Mountain Ski Resort. 389 more words

Stage 4 and Some More

My Friends! After a nice long visit with my new oncologist, Doctor Curti (a kidney cancer specialist), we have a bit more information. We confirmed again that the swollen lymph nodes in my neck are cancer, and that this is progression from my kidney cancer, not a new type of cancer. 520 more words

Cancer Sucks

Wanna Know How I Got These Scars??

**WARNING – post-surgical pics below.**

I had some really amazing opportunities to share my story in the past week, one sharing at a local church, and another, sharing at our Philly district Nazarene teen camp. 1,459 more words