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Most are yet to overcome the stage fright but they are working hard to be in the limelight.

Wealt goes to those who create it, stays with those who conserve it and grows for those who successfully invest it. 24 more words


stage fright

I hate myself sometimes.
I hate that feeling of dread I get everytime I had to speak in front all the class, I hate the fact that my heart skips a few bits , my palms get sweaty, and my mind go back to my childhood, when everyone laugh at me when I pronounced a word wrong. 245 more words


Public Speaking : Get Rid Of Stage Fright And Shyness

Everybody loves to share their experiences, interesting anecdotes and incidents from daily life. We love to talk to our friends, family, neighbors, strangers,..anybody, everybody..! We feel good when people listen to our stories and appreciate it or relate to it. 1,532 more words

Life Lessons


I can’t even describe how exciting this feels…
1) I’ve got about 150 followers :O thank you so much all of you!
2) I literally just hit 1500 views… 46 more words


On Fighting my Fear : Stage Fright

          “The fear that lies beneath will someday erupt if you let courage take-over”

I stood dumbfounded when I heard kids, teachers and the principal clapping away after I articulated all that came to my mind for about 10 minutes regarding art, craft and their capabilities to be creative. 1,232 more words

In My Heart. Of My Mind

Into the Unknown

Tomorrow evening the hubs and I are taking on a new adventure: we’re escorting our six-year-old god daughter to the church Christmas dinner.

You see, her parents can’t make the event due to another party scheduled. 413 more words

Life And Happiness

Post-NaNo Jitters

Now that it’s been a few weeks since NaNoWriMo ended and I’ve done most of the research I needed to do to support that novel I worked on, it’s time to make a first revision pass. 409 more words