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Schlocktoberfest IV - Day 24: Stage Fright

Stage Fright (1987)


*Spoilers Throughout*

What’s It About: A deranged killer dons a huge owl mask and kills a bunch of stage performers, as owls are wont to do. 1,067 more words



When I’m on stage, instead

of picturing them naked,

I like to picture

my audience dead;

that way, when they clap their hands,

I can shit my pants and say

it’s a goddamn miracle.


Stage Fright Freak Out: A Woeful Tale Of Defeat

I’m a psychopath, ya’ll. Wait, scratch that. First of all, I don’t say “ya’ll” so let’s just strike that from the record. Secondly, I just looked up the definition for psychopath and that is definitely… 1,170 more words


John Carpenter and Jared Harris on stage fright

Hear a story about Laurence Olivier, what can cause it, and how to get through it. Brought to you by John Carpenter and Jared Harris… 20 more words


This week’s writing club session is going to entail reading snippets of our works-in-progress. Despite being the president, I am filled with dread. The dual forces of writers block and stage fright pay no heed  to hierarchy.


Netflix: Masked Murderer Edition

Back when I was a little VO, Grandma would threaten us kids with “El Cucuy” if we didn’t behave.  According to her, if we were bad, he would come to us at night and steal us from our beds.  167 more words


Fear of singing in public - Brawling in Chioggia by Carlo Goldoni

A while ago I wrote about my stage fright – singing on stage or singing when other’s can see me. This has been a fear of mine for a long time and it’s… 452 more words