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Using Mindfulness to Overcome Stage Fright

In a previous blog post, I wrote about the Mindfulness Leadership conference that I attended and how I found the content to be very valuable to me as a person and as a musician. 693 more words


Completely Confident!

You’ve been waiting for this day to come. You’ve practiced, rehearsed, prepared everything. You know your stuff, so, why are your body and mind responding this way? 443 more words


The Stage: A Horror Story

Everyone has been so focused on the content of their TED Talk that they seem to have forgotten one very important aspect of any presentation: It’s required to speak… on stage… in front of a bunch of people. 676 more words

First time

*presses play and lights up a cigarette*

Okay. I realized that I have a stage fright before writing this first entry. This is good. So good. 127 more words


Public Speaking-Tips to master it

Public speaking leaves most of us speechless. However, it is an art that can be mastered easily. Public speaking gives jitters to majority of the people. 401 more words

You Only Live Once

Fears deep within one is the worst enemy one can ever have.it can hinder much of the activities a person want to do. The fears get imbibed in the minds usually during childhood, when a child is like a stone on which anything can be etched. 491 more words

When blogging gets personal — how to overcome your fears and give more of yourself

I looked at one of the topics I received on Susannah Conway’s creative blogging course and my heart sank. Susannah is a great photographer and blogger with a touching writing and teaching style I much admire. 644 more words

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