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Squash Performance Anxiety with Homeopathy!

Some people love performing and seek out the spotlight. For others the thought of public speaking is enough to make them physically ill. Heart palpitations, laryngitis, gastro-intestinal upset, sweating are just a few symptoms that individuals with stage fright experience. 557 more words


Stage Fright (2014) Review

The debut feature film of Jerome Sable, Stage Fright (not to be confused with the 1950 Hitchcock thriller) is a musical horror film, a genre mixture that rarely occurs, but when it does can result in good or bad films. 688 more words


'Tis the Season to be Spooky - Stage Fright

Stage Fright is ridiculous, campy, gory fun. It’s a  musical-inside-a-musical-inside-a-slasher-flick, and it’s just as absurd as that sounds.

There’s a brief setup in a theater, where the star of a  273 more words


Stage Fright (2014) Film Review

Featuring Minnie Driver and Meatloaf, Stage Fright, directed by Jerome Sable, combines comedy, gore, and addictive songs to create one hell of a horror-musical. 356 more words

Horrendous Horror Movies

Welcome to MOTELx

This weekend, Lisbon is being invaded by zombies, monsters, ghosts and gore in a festival created to please the fans of horror movies and the curious ones. 710 more words


The stage is my home

The stage used to be home

Whenever I stood on it, I felt free

It was as if I owned the world, as if I was the happiest person in the world… 77 more words


Jazz Performance Can Make You Brave--as Long as You Show Up

Funny that it takes courage to do something enjoyable…This is me singing at an Open Mic night with excellent, professional jazz musicians.

Here’s how it works: Have lead sheets for the songs you want to sing. 226 more words