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My Story - Stage IV Cancer: Socializing Through the Pain

Socializing Through the Pain

Recently, as the pain level has taken a leap, I’ve joked around that now I’m taking enough pain meds to kill a German Shepard. 613 more words

Stage IV Cancer: My Story - Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Shockingly, only HALF of Americans have bothered to do any estate planning to protect the assets they have and the people they love (1).   1,134 more words

Stage IV Cancer: My Story - Financial Matters

Have you ever read the reader’s digest; they have this section called “Laughter is the Best Medicine”.  Sometimes, it’s just best to laugh for a minute when your ship has finally comes in but it sails right past you.  1,019 more words

Stage IV Cancer: My Story - Your New Identity Crisis

Part of going through a terminal diagnosis is coming to grips with a difficult situation.  A year ago, I was writing a book, entitled Life in the Desert – Where Do I go from Here?  778 more words