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How to perfect your stagecraft

I recently facilitated a strategy session for an Executive Team in their boardroom. For the next two days there would be pointed debate, significant issues to address and plans to be crafted. 414 more words

Some positive thinking... YES!

When it comes to performing, positive mental attitude and confidence go hand-in-hand. Yes, it takes belief in yourself to get up on the stage, but even those who have no intention of performing can take these exercises into practice for daily life situations. 920 more words

Bryan Drake Show Podcast Episode 2: Managing the Audience

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Magicians Bryan and Karla discuss the trickiness of managing your audience. Not only in picking the right person, but keeping control while on stage. 47 more words


How theatre can help your business presentations and events run on time

Are you grateful for some activity or subject you did as a kid that proves to be very helpful later in life? Sport? Music? Some part-time job? 605 more words

the Civic Flytower

This concept montage shows the main actor in my scheme, the Herald, and transubstantiation. The figures represent jesters and ballerinas, two opposing actors involved in stage and social drama.

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