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365 Days of Love: Day 60

Saturday I had stagecraft from (what was supposed to be) 10am-1pm. In actuality, we were released about an hour early. During the class period, we were divided into three teams, each one having to build a platform. 65 more words

365 Days Of Love Project

Quadcopters + Cirque = Creativity

“No CGI used or needed” says the title at the end of this beautiful little video. It’s more Cirque du Soleil magic. There’s probably no company on earth that concentrates so much technical expertise, expression, agility, art and music into… 94 more words


Tools and Rules at Jewell

it’s Zo-ay.
Let’s make way for the array of info I’m about to convey to this soirée. 495 more words

The Actor and The Camera

This week we are back to books.

Just before the summer came around, a book I had pre-ordered arrived. I went out on a limb with this one, for reasons I’ll mention later, and I had no intention of reviewing it… but, after finishing it earlier this week, it’s one I feel compelled to review. 1,482 more words

Stagecraft Week 1

Three type of stages +1 not included (black box)

History of theater:
Roman Colosseum. Gladiators and other spectacles. Also flooding????

Greek theater. Cool dramatics!

English theater. 20 more words