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Cause and Cure of the Crisis (ctnd)

February 2013 already gave a weblog entry Cause and Cure of the Crisis and November 2013 a YouTube video – though with a rather slow speed of presentation. 235 more words

Anatomy Of Holland

Merkel to blame on establishing sound budgetary policies?

“Foreign countries are to blame!” – That is how politicians tend to justify developments voters do not appreciate. From a politician point of view such a accusation is understandable in two ways: Those who are accused can’t vote (and so can’t harm the politician) and, secondly, the politician is absolving himself of responsibility.  230 more words


A Crisis Less Extraordinary

It is often said that the financial crisis that was unleashed from July 2007 to March 2009 was a once in a century event. Some investors even take comfort in this notion with the belief that any future stock bear markets will almost certainly pale in comparison. 105 more words

Market Outlook

Bad Euro Monetary Policy Continues

The prevailing wisdom in some economics circles, primarily those adherent to orthodox Austrian and monetarist theory, is that an expansion of the money supply automatically causes inflation. 1,255 more words

More Russians than ever think their country is going in the right direction, thanks to Putin

As the fighting in eastern Ukraine intensifies, some 20,000 Russian troops have massed on Ukraine’s border, according to NATO. The risk of an open confrontation between Ukrainian and Russian troops is rising rapidly, … 200 more words