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Eggs On Our Faces.

Dyeing eggs for easter is a long tradition. It used to be pretty cheap amusement for your kids. At least it was only five years ago when a dozen eggs was a little more than a buck. 104 more words


What's The Beef?

Beef prices have reached all time highs, like many other things you buy. Is the cause really weather? Or is it the food chain? You feed your cattle food which has gone up in price and that means when you sell the cattle you need to mark it up. 80 more words


CBO report: Obama's proposed minimum-wage increase could kill 500,000 jobs

Three stories from Investors Business Daily, and one of them is about the dreaded stagflation.

First one, on the CBO report.


On Tuesday, the Congressional Budget Office made another blockbuster pronouncement, this one concluding that the White House minimum wage hike to $10.10 an hour really does kill jobs.

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