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Inflation - What it has for you??????

Inflation : Financial experts relates inflation to Gross Domestic Product, and measure it by Consumer Price index indicator which indicates the situation of country’s economy, cost, money etc… 600 more words



I see stagflation when the Fed unwinds its balance sheet. See my earlier post for numbers. Either the Fed has to sell the bonds its holds back to the public or monetize the debt and pay it back to the treasury. 27 more words

Russia raises interest rate to 17%

In the face of Western sanctions over the crisis in Ukraine and plumeting oil prices, the bank of Russia announced a stunning increase in the interest to 17% Monday night. 210 more words

Sanctions are hitting Russians where it hurts—in their grocery baskets

Russia’s already bad case of stagflation is getting worse. Earlier this week, the government slashed its economic forecasts, predicting that the country will soon slip into recession… 402 more words

The chart to watch if you want to predict what Putin will do next

The hits keep coming for the Russian economy.

Oil prices are plunging after OPEC decided against cutting production last week. In response, today Russia’s economy ministry… 393 more words