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Three errors by Wim Duisenberg

Wim Duisenberg (1935-2005) was popular in Holland with his J.F. Kennedy looks, as minister of Finance in 1973-1977, then President of the Dutch Central Bank 1982-1997, and then the first President of the European Central Bank 1998-2003. 1,558 more words

Anatomy Of Holland

Russia's drastic rate hike bought the ruble about five minutes of respite

Central bankers do not envy Elvira Nabiullina. The governor of Russia’s central bank must devise policies to deal with a¬†collapsing currency, soaring inflation, and stagnant economic growth. 416 more words

The Present EU Economic Problem (and the Incipient USA One)

This started as a long comment at WUWT. I’ve decided to put it here as a bit of a rant / macro-econ note. From down in the comments on: 2,046 more words

Economics, Trading, And Money

Trickle Down Revisionism

That was a humdinger of a speech that Hillary Clinton delivered last week, packing more nonsense into a 30-second sound bite than most politicians can manage in an hour-long oration. 699 more words


Thomas Piketty in The Hague & Amsterdam

On November 5, Thomas Piketty will inform Dutch Parliament in The Hague and then continue to Amsterdam for the evening. While he is busy in The Hague – and likely will be grilled on the French economy – there will be a small… 619 more words

Anatomy Of Holland

The House That Inflation Built, An Introduction.

As a progressive and part-time Keynesian there’s an ever-present temptation to paint deregulation’s portrait with the visage of Ronald Reagan. Reagan was an active proponent of the modern recitation of 19th century economic virtues. 446 more words


How to train your Draghi

It turns out that Cressida Cowell has been writing her dragon books for years and that the box offices of the films are approaching $1 billion, while this weblog was rather oblivious of that. 440 more words

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