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Russia's currency is collapsing—and Putin won't do anything to stop it

The Russian ruble has set a series of records recently, plumbing new depths against other major currencies almost every day:

The ruble’s inexorable decline has made it “one of the world’s top basket-case currencies,” alongside the Ukrainian hryvnia and Argentine peso,  540 more words

Cause and Cure of the Crisis (ctnd)

February 2013 already gave a weblog entry Cause and Cure of the Crisis and November 2013 a YouTube video – though with a rather slow speed of presentation. 235 more words

Anatomy Of Holland

Merkel to blame on establishing sound budgetary policies?

“Foreign countries are to blame!” – That is how politicians tend to justify developments voters do not appreciate. From a politician point of view such a accusation is understandable in two ways: Those who are accused can’t vote (and so can’t harm the politician) and, secondly, the politician is absolving himself of responsibility.  230 more words