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Russia raises interest rate to 17%

In the face of Western sanctions over the crisis in Ukraine and plumeting oil prices, the bank of Russia announced a stunning increase in the interest to 17% Monday night. 210 more words

Sanctions are hitting Russians where it hurts—in their grocery baskets

Russia’s already bad case of stagflation is getting worse. Earlier this week, the government slashed its economic forecasts, predicting that the country will soon slip into recession… 402 more words

The chart to watch if you want to predict what Putin will do next

The hits keep coming for the Russian economy.

Oil prices are plunging after OPEC decided against cutting production last week. In response, today Russia’s economy ministry… 393 more words

US Debt Crisis Video for Homeschoolers

Click the link, below to watch an excellent 5-minute Economics video by Akash Vedi. It provides a quick and clear explanation of stagflation, job losses due to free trade agreements, the Federal Reserve, recession, and the impending worldwide debt crisis for homeschool children, without the annoying Fox News alarmism: 14 more words


Three errors by Wim Duisenberg

Wim Duisenberg (1935-2005) was popular in Holland with his J.F. Kennedy looks, as minister of Finance in 1973-1977, then President of the Dutch Central Bank 1982-1997, and then the first President of the European Central Bank 1998-2003. 1,558 more words

Anatomy Of Holland

Russia's drastic rate hike bought the ruble about five minutes of respite

Central bankers do not envy Elvira Nabiullina. The governor of Russia’s central bank must devise policies to deal with a collapsing currency, soaring inflation, and stagnant economic growth. 416 more words

The Present EU Economic Problem (and the Incipient USA One)

This started as a long comment at WUWT. I’ve decided to put it here as a bit of a rant / macro-econ note. From down in the comments on: 2,046 more words

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