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Stagnant water

There are many pools of water near where we live, filled by the spring runoff and then refreshed by the heavy spring rains. I went for a bike ride this evening and noticed that the warm weather we are now experiencing has produced heavy algae growth in those waters. 256 more words

Faith And Life

her-on the dangerous water

stands, among thousands of molted feathers & poop. this stagnant body of water is something to avoid, because coming in contact in anyway… would, i believe would bring about a new plague.


Summertime Smells


After the unusually long and wintry winter that we’ve just experienced here in Northern Indiana, I have longed for the warmer temperatures of summer.   How tired I had become of wading through thigh-deep snow drifts, shoveling the snow away from the doors to my coop, and pounding the ice out of the water pans.   326 more words