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The euro zone is stuck in neutral as its German engine sputters

Zero, zip, zilch, nada. In the second quarter, the euro zone stood still (pdf).

Stagnant GDP is a setback for the bloc’s slow but steady recovery from its devastating debt crisis—analysts were expecting another quarter of modest growth, akin to the unspectacular 0.2% average over the previous year. 263 more words

The Death of Creation

Though many of you likely weren’t readers when it came out, this post is loosely based on an older one dealing with similar themes. It can be found… 826 more words


Mind the Wealth Gap

Standard & Poor’s, God bless ‘em, have figured out that America’s rising wealth gap is responsible for our boom and bust economy. Obviously, blaming anything on a “rising wealth gap” will have a certain political appeal, but – this is to mistake cause and effect. 191 more words


Weeks 29 & 30: Spiral

July 13 – 26, 2014

People pay for what they do, and still more for what they allow themselves to become. And they pay for it, very simply, by the lives they lead.

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Weight Loss

When Times Get Rough, I Do It Anyway

Some days I just don’t want to move. I’d rather whine.

“I don’t want to exercise today!” (Double this sentiment if it’s that time of the month or the astrological conditions are treacherous.) 169 more words


Job satisfaction – is it possible?

As I go through the host of articles available online on leadership, management, motivation, and happiness, I’m struck by the following facts about the corporate workplace today: 1,621 more words

Talent Management

Everything is intrusive. The double bed drowns the room, otherwise sunken under the weight of too much meaningless refuse, pinning the chair to the desk. The desk turns its back on the vast windows that pour light and too much heat into the room in the safety of day.  159 more words