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1/16/15 Daily Card

This day’s energy for me is the four of cups.

Apathy and withdrawal that may be a needed break from some hectic excitement.

This card represents someone who was intensely emotionally involved with a situation and now needs to be numb. 226 more words


A Textual Illustration On Building Bridges: Stagnation

We have built a worthy bridge. The perils of the river are no longer a problem. We’ve shared several conversations and experiences with our new found companion. 356 more words


Stagnation and her cousins Procrastination and Complacency

Well, I’m a week into being back at work and I get another neon painted sign that I am not my work, and this lifestyle is not for me! 315 more words


Why Economies Don’t Grow

 Why Economies Don’t Grow

By Shlomo Maital    

 Michael Spence is a Nobel Laureate in Economics, pioneer in the economics of information, and has recently published an article explaining why Western economies simply don’t grow.  319 more words

Innovation Blog

Growth vs. Stagnation: The Primary Challenge of Adulthood

It’s easy–painfully easy–to resort to established ways of doing things: patterns we’ve learned, methods we know. We already know how to do it–and it works. In everything from how we communicate, the style of clothes we wear, the movies and music we consume, the technology we utilize and especially in our thought heuristics, we tend to opt for what we know. 1,097 more words


Four Things To Do If You Feel That Your Art Style Has Stagnated

A few weeks ago, I had a rather disturbing thought which went something along the lines of: “My art style changed slightly near the end of 2012, it changed significantly in mid-late 2013 and it also changed very slightly when I discovered watercolour pencils very early last year. 868 more words



One day you will grow tired of improving yourself. You will give up, you will become bitter and complain how the young ones are like hounds nipping at your heels, ready to show your masters that they have better paws and can rip deeper into the flesh of your enemies. 83 more words