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Well, it’s running low,
Dirty water and trickle flow,
If it moves it doesn’t show,
None to drink, and less to grow,
Only fills me up with woe, 17 more words


Tox Or Detox

Apparently a build-up of toxins in one’s systems can lead to a variety of undesirable behavior. I don’t mean murder and mayhem necessarily but it can make you meaner than usual and paint the world a bright shade of jaundice. 236 more words

Yeah Baby!

Should young Americans feel confident about their economic prospects?

Graph: Young People’s Wages Have Fallen Across Industries Between 2007 and 2013.

Young Americans are taking longer to graduate and graduating with more debt, but that’s not all – they aren’t find jobs, and the jobs they do find typically don’t allow them to pay back their loans. 611 more words


if it's broke, fix it, if i ain't then don't

for the 2nd time in a week a white cop got away with the murder of an unarmed black man. the grand jury in the eric garner case declined to indict daniel pantaleo just like the grand jury in the michael brown case declined to indict darren wilson. 869 more words

Need help?... ASK FOR IT!

Know why you win and why you lose.

Being frustrated with a lack of progress is okay as long as we don’t remain there. Stagnation stinks and it usually leads to death… albeit a slow death but death is for certain. 348 more words


Fallen Oaks

Sometimes the tree,
Is just too damaged,
To be saved,
And no amount,
Of work,
Will keep it standing.
Sometimes the ancient wounds,
Have rotted out the heart, 126 more words


Merry Go Round

I was in the hospital and you were visiting sex sites.
I was working to earn a wage to pay the bills & improve our lot… 141 more words

Starting Over