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O SOM DE SEXTA - It's Been Awhile (Staind)

O som desta sexta, dia 30 de Janeiro fica por conta da Banda de Rock americana Staind. O grupo não é dos mais conhecidos no meio, mas tem singles como “So Far Away” e “It’s Been Awhile” figurando sempre entre as mais tocadas na Rádio Cidade, 102.9 no Rio de Janeiro. 157 more words


It's Been A While...

I haven’t posted in nearly a week. I apologize. It’s funny to watch how my site’s stats go downhill when there isn’t regular content, but my brain has been so full of stuff that posting in the blog has been the last thing on my mind. 621 more words


I'm trying to make this my theme song...

This is my life
It’s not what it was before
All these feelings I’ve shared
And these are my dreams
That I’d never lived before… 188 more words

I can See Through You

Fighting back the darkness
That invades this earth worn mind
Sending out forgiveness
For the words that were designed
To bring forth wrath and judgment… 121 more words