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Boston Adventure in Four Parts

Last week we were in Boston. We stayed with our daughter and her husband while checking on the progress of the house we’re building. They live downtown on the fifth floor of a quaint 1864 building. 527 more words


Who you know and what you know

Genesis 28:10-19, NRSV

10 Jacob left Beer-sheba and went toward Haran. 11 He came to a certain place and stayed there for the night, because the sun had set.

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Audio of favourite Sam and Dean scenes from Season 9

Click Here to listen to the audio of 4 different Sam and Dean scenes from Season 9 put over the top of each other (You can Like/Reblog on Tumblr) 436 more words

Dean Winchester

Acrophobia - do you suffer?

It may not be very well-known, but many pilots – in fact a higher percentage than the non-pilot population – suffer from acrophobia, a fear of heights or high places. 367 more words

French Oats (a healthy take on french toast)

Happy Friday & Almost Weekend! How was your week? I just did my Stairway to Heaven treadmill workout, and um, yeah it’s no joke. (p.s. if you’re new to running, I highly suggest comsidering the “take it down a notch” options, whew!) 503 more words


SCTV: Stairways to Heaven!

Just for a laugh, because you can never get too much Stairway to Heaven…

Something Different

Hearing Double?

Hearing Double? Pushing the Boundaries of Musical Borrowing

When the lines between originality and copyright are blurred and viciously disputed.  

Written by Lilen Pautasso and published on… 579 more words