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Let Them Eat Crow: 3 Bands, 3 Years, Yet The Song Remains The Same

by Kevin Kimmes

The great cosmic river that is music can take you anywhere on any given night, oftentimes to destinations you never planned on visiting or even knew existed. 304 more words

The Lyrics

Going for a more rustic look, I’ve carved and stained the lyrics to Stairway to Heaven. The symbols representing the four members of the band as well as the Hermit. 19 more words

Fan Art

Hawaiian getaway

I just got back from my favorite place in the world, Hawaii! And by favorite place in the world, I mean out of all the places I’ve been to so far. 1,001 more words


An analysis of 9.22 "Stairway to Heaven" Preview Clip

This scene opens with a wonderful shot of Sam asleep and it’s very cute and sweet and it’s just reminding us that Sam is still human. 608 more words

Dean Winchester

Stairway to Heaven

With the verdant mountains literally looming above my head, I had the sudden sensation of traveling into a lost world. The lush tropical trees sang in the wind and I closed my eyes. 1,339 more words


Throwback Thursday #3

Happy Thursday, Patch Friends!

It’s amazing how quickly each week goes by… I barely have time to get back into the zone after the weekend before it’s Friday afternoon again… Where does the time go? 319 more words


What happened to the slow dance?

The most memorable slow dance for my generation would have to be the way we always closed our school dances; Led Zepplins “Stairway to Heaven.” At the end of a long night of dance with eachother, maybe dancing with the boy you liked, finding out someone else liked you, you always wanted to end up in the arms of someone special during that last dance. 550 more words