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Feng Shui Fun On The Run

String lights lift dropping energies in dark stairwells, shining steadily to make safe what could be treacherous.

Feng Shui

Four Times Up the Wells Fargo Center. Yup, FOUR!

I wasn’t planning on last night’s workout being a record-breaker, but it was. I love a nice surprise! Especially when, as I mentioned in my last post… 575 more words

Daily inspiration, staircase

There are sometimes some surfaces, that I don’t always notice because, mainly because I’m usually in a hurry. But when I slow down & take the time to see things around me, it’s usually very inspiring. 25 more words

Homes / Interiors

All those pretty lights

Light never asks darkness to go away. Instead, it just shines. It shines so bright that darkness has no choice but to go away. Not to be rude, but the darkness cannot bear the exposure. 152 more words

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