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Integrated marketing strategy to create value system for stakeholders


Holistic marketers are smart enough to foresee the opportunities of reinvention of the business model through successful value creation systems that lie mostly untapped by most of all. 522 more words

Public relations professionals should ask: does it pass the smell test? As they become ethical guardians

Public relations professionals should position themselves as the organisation’s ethical guardians

The measures of business are no longer purely efficiency and profit where all’s fair in love and war – as long as your owners get their dividends. 622 more words



By Astrid Serventy, Associate Director 

It’s one of the golden rules of effective communication. One so basic and obvious and yet too often it gets overlooked. 386 more words

Whom should you care about in any business?

In any business there are only so many stakeholder groups. Here I will show you who those stakeholder groups are and why you must watch out for them if you want to stay in business. 840 more words


Mind your language

Communicating ideas effectively to another person needs a common language, and a common understanding of the meaning of the symbols used in the language. While this sounds simple, language can take many forms including images, sounds and writing. 1,408 more words

Stakeholder Management

What's the One Thing that Most Great Leaders Share? (Hint: It's Not What You Think!)

What distinguishes great leaders from their merely OK peers?  Take a moment to reflect on this question & come up with an answer.   If you’re like most, you understandably (and incorrectly) guessed that exceptional leaders probably posses a higher IQ level or technical expertise.   1,150 more words

Communication Skills

Designing effective KPIs

In a couple of posts I highlighted the damage that poorly considered KPIs and incentive payments can cause either to the organisation or its customers: 929 more words