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Connecting with stakeholders; effects of antecedents of organizational identification on different stakeholder groups

author: Harm Cuypers

Previous literature has often addressed organizational identification and its antecedents, though studying the differences in the effects of these antecedents for different stakeholder groups has often been overlooked. 199 more words

Ben and Jerry's: World Greatest Ice Cream

One of my favorite brands, hands down, is Ben and Jerrys.  Ben and Jerrys has always had a way of making the bad times good and the good times even better.   721 more words

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Tegu: the Toy Company that's Changing the Game

Kids these days… the only thing that can hold their attention is their smart phones and shoot’em video games.  Whatever happened to the rocking horse and wooden blocks? 261 more words

Blog 4 Our Favorite Companies

Reaction: Ed Freeman on Stakeholder Theory

I found this video to be extremely helpful, and Dr. Freeman answered all of my questions in detail. He effectively identified topics, and elaborated on points of confusion, to make for an effective lesson on his views of stakeholderism. 249 more words


Question to Freeman

One of the three problems that Freeman identified as problem with business today is that people see business ethics as an oxymoron.  In Freeman’s view these things cannot be separated.   164 more words


It's Up to Us

Ed Freeman emphasized during his lecture that our generation has the power to improve the way the world does business. As a management student, I like to think that my peers and I will do just that someday. 86 more words


Ed Freeman Question/Reaction

Although I did not get to ask Ed Freeman a question, Matt’s question regarding the prevalence of the internet and the ability of companies to control what consumers believe was similar to what I had planned on asking.The question I had written down, “how do you think the stakeholder theory has changed or held up during a time of rapid technological advancement like we’ve seen in the past few decades?” was slightly more general than Matt’s, however I was satisfied with the answer Ed Freeman gave in response to Matt’s question. 253 more words