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A Sign of Intelligence: Stalin in Siberia

A new travel story story – of sorts – over at Voyages on the Left. This one follows Joseph Stalin, or Osip as the locals called him, to the Arctic Circle in Siberia: ‘A Sign of Intelligence.’


A Sign of Intelligence: Stalin in Siberia

A sign of intelligence is the ability to make the most of the situation in which you find yourself.

This old piece of advice came to mind as I followed none other than Joseph Stalin to his second Siberian exile. 1,023 more words

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Kuntsevo Dacha

This week we’ll be peeking inside Kuntsevo Dacha, Stalin’s home on the outskirts of Moscow. He lived there for about two decades until he died in 1953. 30 more words


These books don't fit together

On my trip through Albania, I saw some small bookshops in the parks which sold what looked like second-hand books. Most of them were in Albanian, and the only English titles were often textbooks or encyclopedias. 51 more words


Writer Zhu Hong (朱洪) on who is responsible for the failure of the Revolution of 1927







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Stalin and the origins of post-colonialism

The pleasure increases with age: the discovery of unexpected ideas by means of disciplined and sustained reading. In this case I refer to Joseph Stalin and the origins of the connection between Marxism, anti-colonialism and thereby post-colonialism. 842 more words


The Great Terror, Robert Conquest

When away from the demands of Chico Chica, I teach guitar in schools. For many children, guitar classes are a chance to get away from the boring lessons. 682 more words

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