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Stalin: Time's Man of the Year - twice

The first was in 1939, although the reason was ambivalent: ‘Whether Europe’s new era will end in nationalist chaos, good or bad internationalism, or what not, the era will be new—and the end of the old era will have been finally precipitated by a man whose domain lies mostly outside Europe. 147 more words


Engineer of Souls

“The writer is the engineer of the human soul.”

— Joseph Stalin

Slaughter of innocents in Iraq nothing new..... sadly

The recent march of ISIS or ISIL

has brought about the death of

many Christians, Yazidis, and fellow Muslims.




Who are the Yazidis?

Now under threat from Islamic State, the Yazidis of northern Iraq… 132 more words


It was an interesting day. I got torn to shreds repeatedly in private for being a fascist (a real jackbooted Nazi kind of fascist, too) who tries to hide behind a pathetically wimpy bleeding heart liberal false front, and besides that I betrayed the Los Angeles jazz scene by being such an… 122 more words

Autobiography,memoirs And Confessions

In Stalin's Secret Service

Title:                      In Stalin’s Secret Service

Author:                 Walter G. Krivitsky

Krivitsky, Walter G. (1939, 1979). In Stalin’s Secret Service: An Exposé Of Russia’s Secret Policies By The Former Chief Of The Soviet Intelligence In Western Europe. 143 more words