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Biographer Simon Sebag Montefiore [1] describes Stalin as a man who ruined every relationship and friendship in his life. A convinced Marxist fanatic whose messianic egoism was boundless; he was incapable of giving anyone happiness. 1,334 more words

Personality Disorders

From Banjo
In a long time I have come across such a simple and most enlightening discourse on the way social transformations was, can and should be done.Importantly,the conversation is a battle of wits and conviction between two celebrated protagonists Stalin,much hated, the infamous brigand who purportedly killed millions and H G Wells whom the intelligent world adores.Stalin I grew up to adore and felt proud each time I read and heard of how he defended the Soviet Union in the Second Great War and how he had correctly identified the coming crisis of the remaining Allies colluding with Hitler to systematically oppose the Communist way of life as a greater threat than The Nazis.In fact, Oliver Stone is currently highlighting this blurred history through his History Untold Series.What disturbs however, the western propaganda has quite succeeded in obfuscating facts and several generations have grown up to believe that Stalin and Communism are the worst enemies of civilisation.The new generation finds it ever increasingly difficult to relate with this inspirational ideology anymore.Against this intellectual anomie and the rise of AAP and its current fascination with most who believe it to be a liberator and panacea of sorts this interview should be an eye opener.It is not heavy or ponderous. 253 more words

'Into the Whirlwind' by Eugenia Ginzburg ****

Eugenia Ginzburg’s Into the Whirlwind is a ‘highly detailed first-hand account of one woman’s life and imprisonment in the Soviet Union during the rule of Stalin in the 1930s’.   520 more words

Is rise in food-bank use linked to withdrawal of crisis loans?

“Children without beds to sleep in, parents desperate for help when there is no food in the cupboard and the pocket is empty; the mother who spent most of the day in bed with her four year old on a freezing cold day in a very cold house because the gas and electricity meters had eaten up the emergency supplies and the anti-depressants had ceased to have any effect on a desperate parent; freezing nights when the hardiest of rough sleepers called us and pleaded for help to find them somewhere warm to sleep for a few nights; the homeless chap who had promised himself that if we could not find anyone to help him by the end of the day that he would sort out his life once and for all – by ending it.” 782 more words

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Eastern egg in luxury format

Since, it is eastern I came to think of the famous Fabergé eggs :) and read about it a little…Between the years 1885 and 1917 the russian tsar commissioned eastern eggs “with a surprise inside” from the Fabergé company. 252 more words


does a biographer have to like their subject?

The question is, in many respects an absurd one. How would, for example, Stalin have found a decent biographer if likeability was a key requirement? 111 more words

Ander's Army

The first Soviet oil tanker listed as it steamed into the harbor at Pahlavi, Iran, (today known as Bander-e Anzali), on March 25 1942. Iranian and British officials had little idea as to how many Polish refugees were on board, what their physical state may be and what to expect in general, since only a few days earlier they had no idea that civilian women and children were among the evacuees.   580 more words

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