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East Ukraine: Russia installs a new leadership

By Dale Street (cross-posted from Workers Liberty):

Above: Pro-Russian separatists march Ukrainian prisoners through Donetsk in response to the Independence Day celebrations in Kiev. 1,022 more words


Morning Star cover-up of domestic abuse allegation sparks crisis and resignations

Above: Caroline Leneghan

An extraordinary crisis has erupted at the Morning Star (de facto mouthpiece of the British Communist Party), resulting in the resignations of the editor and the company director. 1,543 more words


The Guardian and antisemitism

It should not need saying, but it does: people can be as angry as they like at the Israeli government, but to attack a synagogue, threaten children at a Jewish school, or throw a brick through the window of a Jewish grocery store is vile and contemptible racism. 1,399 more words

Jim D

Passenger jet 'tragedy': all the fault of the West (NOT a spoof)

I was going to write a spoof article, loosely based upon the oeuvre of the Graun‘s Shameless Milne, blaming “the West” and the “fascist” Ukraine government for the MH17 atrocity. 632 more words


Just remind me again: where was Alex Callinicos educated?

Thanks to Owen Jones, in today’s Graun, for drawing my attention to a nasty little piece in the present edition of Socialist Worker. SW… 405 more words

Jim D

Ukraine: return of Putin's useful idiots

 Above:  Boris Kagarlitsky

Boris Kagarlitsky je ruski marksistički teoretičar i sociolog, politički disident u Sovjetskom savezu i post-sovjetskoj Rusiji. Zbog svog aktivizma, Boris je dvaput bio hapšen, 1982. 1,115 more words