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The anti-EU cause is inevitably racist

Labour MP Mike Gapes is quite correct when he denounces Ukip’s latest poster campaign as “racist.”  The slogan “take back control of our country” and posters suggesting that “unlimited cheap labour” from Europe is undermining the conditions of British workers and causing unemployment, is… 362 more words

Jim D

Balkans 1996

I often have reason to complain about Facebook, but sometimes it ‘works’ so well, the way nothing in the past ever did, and I am grateful for it. 2,473 more words

Capitalist State

Ännu en gång om Stalinismen

Jag tror att mitt förra inlägg om stalinism var alldeles för flummigt och lite nya idéer har kommit upp i mitt huvud efter en väldigt kort diskussion med en kamrat.Som jag förut sa så existerar stalinism, och det är inte heller en liten strömning. 113 more words

Stalinism och byråkratisering (och lite till)

Är jag stalinist?
Nej, enligt min egen definition är jag inte en stalinist, på samma gång menar jag att det existerar en stalinstisk strömning, detta är en strömning som blint aksepterar den problemlösning som existerade under stalin-eran som en korrekt sådan, en rörelse som dogmatiskt tolkar den leninistiska partivägen. 439 more words

Abortion rights and a nasty little smear

Last Friday the New Zealand Herald reported that an unnamed rural GP (doctor) has had her practising certificate suspended for six months for the ‘crime’ of prescribing the drug Misoprostol to four patients who needed an abortion. 2,295 more words

Capitalist State

In the Era of Wars and Revolutions. American socialist cartoons of the mid-twentieth century.

 In the era of Wars and Revolutions. American Socialist Cartoons of the mid-twentieth century. Edited by Sean Matgamma. 

“Although in some places, notably in the Untied States, Trotskyism is able to attract a fairly large number of adherents, and develop into an organised movement with a petty Fuehrer of its own, its inspiration is essentially negative. 965 more words


Should China's official 'unions' be welcomed into the family of labour?


Above: an unofficial strike in China


By Eric Lee (at the Workers Liberty website)

At the end of March, the International Labour Organisation’s Bureau for Workers Activities (known as ILO-ACTRAV) and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding “to promote Trade unions South-South Cooperation in the Asia- Pacific region”.   1,328 more words