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Passenger jet 'tragedy': all the fault of the West (NOT a spoof)

I was going to write a spoof article, loosely based upon the oeuvre of the Graun‘s Shameless Milne, blaming “the West” and the “fascist” Ukraine government for the MH17 atrocity. 632 more words


Just remind me again: where was Alex Callinicos educated?

Thanks to Owen Jones, in today’s Graun, for drawing my attention to a nasty little piece in the present edition of Socialist Worker. SW… 407 more words

Jim D

Ukraine: return of Putin's useful idiots

 Above:  Boris Kagarlitsky

Boris Kagarlitsky je ruski marksistički teoretičar i sociolog, politički disident u Sovjetskom savezu i post-sovjetskoj Rusiji. Zbog svog aktivizma, Boris je dvaput bio hapšen, 1982. 1,115 more words


Ukraine public meeting, London, Weds 9th July

We’ve been asked by Ukrainian Socialist Solidarity, to publicise this meeting to be held at the House of Commons tomorrow; we’re happy to oblige, especially in view of the appalling, thoroughly one-sided campaign of misinformation/disinformation and pro-Putin propaganda being spread on the British left by the likes of the… 129 more words


Facebook slanders and threats – an echo of politics in Ukraine

Having fought under the banner of communism for my entire adult life, I must say that it is not often that I get branded as an apologist for fascism. 1,603 more words

Class Struggle

Of course Putin's Russia is imperialist!

By Dale Street (first published by Workers Liberty)

Sam Williams has written 16,000 words to claim that Russia is not imperialist, even when its tanks are rolling through other nations. 1,124 more words


Stalinistisk Idealism

I en diskussion på facebook-gruppen “Revolutionary Communism” har det talats om Stalin och Stalinismen, huruvida den ens existerar. Det har kommit upp mycket bra idéer i denna diskussion men jag tycker att “stalinism finns inte”-linjen är jävligt jobbig och det är ofta Stalinister själva som kör på det. 282 more words