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79 Words Daily #42: Never Satisfied

The hunt is what I live for now. The blood, I can still taste the sweet nectar on my lips – like crimson honey.

My first kills – the Chicago police officer on horseback, the delicious woman walking home alone from her dinner date. 37 more words

Character Development

Online dating - trust your instincts!

So you’re thinking of meeting this person or you’ve had your first date – how do I know if I want to see them again?    Trust your instincts! 343 more words


I Want Your Soul

I want your soul, I want your mind,

I want your heart, I want you blind,

I want your body and your lust,

I want your blood, I want you trussed. 96 more words


The Hunter

The Hunter hunts, needing to find

A worthy prey, a soul to bind

Seeking submissive, one of a kind

To play out games, within ones mind… 68 more words

A Stalker, But No Ninja

Aussa Lorens is a bonafide Hacker Ninja Hooker Spy, and I may or may not have a huge cyber crush on her.  I’ve had a long spell of writer’s block, and in a recent conversation, I mentioned rather casually that I once had a stalker, which led to her insisting that I blog about it, so here it is….my stalker story. 1,974 more words

Did That Just Happen?

Compassion and C


K has been relentless.

Reminding me every day what went wrong. Hiding secrets never works.

I should not have hidden him from you. But it seemed easier at the time. 374 more words

Don't meet the eyes of 'The Night Watch Man'

The Night Watch Man… Have you ever had the feeling that you’re being watched? – Maybe you are!! Lock the doors and shut the windows before reading this :) 235 more words